Head lice mythbusting!

We've been doing some head lice mythbusting on MFM after battling the inevitable re-infestation of the new term (back to school - a lice's favourite sentence).

We've revealed the truth behind those white lies our mums used to tell (and we still do!) such as lice only like clean hair...

But we'd like to hear more myths and rumours you've heard about the pesky critters! What's the best lice myth you've heard? And which ones do you believe?

And you never know, there might be a few little goodies around the office for the best ones...;-)


  • The leave-in conditioner from Avon deters them by making the hair too slippery for them to get on to. 
  • When I was little I got them and at the time you had to attend a clinic to be treated.The nurse desperate for a reason I had nits had the nerve to ask my Mum if she brushed or combed my hair.My Mum replied yes both,every morning,every night.The nurse then replied that was why I had nits.You don't need to brush and combimage.She was a nurse?I think my Mum was politer than I would have been.

    I've lost count of people who say they die when they're not on a human.I've seen live ones the next day after a session with the Nitty Gritty comb,so they go straight down the sink or toilet now.

  • Head Lice are a Result of Not being Clean, This is a total myth!
    Anyone can get head lice no matter how may times you bath yourself.
  • Over here in the States the myth is African Americans cannot get head lice

    of course in know that to be wrong


  • Headlice can jump - I am sure this is a myth and that they actually have to crawl across the hair from either another head or piece of clothing

    A friend used mayonnaise to comb through the hair - would this work??
  • I think the BIGGEST myth is that they can only live away from a human for two hours. I've found them in the bathroom TWO DAYS after we've done a session of getting rid.
  • Head lice are a common nuisance among children. They often get it after rejoining school in new year. The chemical products I used are no good for lice treatment. So I switched to natural ingredients like neem oil for Lice treatment. 

    The odor is a bit disturbing for few minutes, it takes only 20 minutes to kill lice, but the results are long lasting. Would recommend Lice-Nil oil for effective lice treatment.

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