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Unsure if it is Chicken Pox - any idea??

Charlie has been very tired, has a cough and cold and headache for over a week.He's got no appetite either.
He has 4 spots on his back - I showed a nurse and she says if he was older she would say he has shingles, but as he is so young (4yrs) she would say he has mild chicken pox.
Anyway this was yesterday - the spots appeared yesterday morning, they are not pussy yet and he doesn't have anymore spots today.

My other 2 children had pox very bad many years ago and I cant really remember much about it so I am unsure if this is chicken pox that Charlie has.

When do the spots get pussy? and is it likely that he could only have 4 spots in a little group on his back??

He has a slightly raised temp and the spots are not bothering him at all - its the runny nose and headache thats getting him down.


  • Hello

    Well we are yet to get Chicken Pox so I have no idea, he has been around it a few times (kids at the childminders have come out in it and another time his cousin - but he didnt pick it up)

    Hope he doesnt get it too bad if it is the pox

    Hope he is feeling better soon.

  • My daughter had 2 spots on her face and 1 on her tummy for 2 days before the rest appeared, so he might wake up with more tomorrow, I can only describe them has blisters. get some piriton and calamine aqueous cream in......
  • thanks, I have decided its not the pox lol no more spots and no pus! nurse got it wrong
  • My daughter had 4 or 5 spots on her back for about 5 days. Then she woke up on the 6th day covered in them. They didnt pus at all. They covered her head to toe, then crusted over and went.
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