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Young children with period

Hi ladies 
my 10 year old started her periods in may this year (6 weeks after her 10th birthday) and she is extremely heavy. She is also having a full 7 day bleed then it completely stops for about 4 days and starts again for another 4/5 days. She is completely drained bless her. She is having iron tablets but her skin is awful atm too. Anyone else had these issues with their children so young . I am gutted for her and wish I could take it away. She is starting year 6 tomorrow and is having her second bleed of the month and I am so worried for her. 
I am going to speak with our GP although it’s very difficult to get an app atm. 
Please help!! What can I do . Anything I can ask the dr for to help her even though she is so young 


  • I would deffo speak to her Gp bless her im not surprised she's so drained poor girl! With her having only a few days off I think a GP app is defo the way to go...aww bless her 😢 xx
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