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really bad rash

our Paul has got such a bad rash on his bottom today back and front. He's had 3 dirty nappies today and i gave him a bath after the 2nd one as his bum looked red, was at mums so he ended up having a few bubbles bad idea I think, but when we got home he had another dirty nappy and was so red i've never seen it like that. Anyway he was screaming while I cleaned him and walking funny saying his legs hurt, so so tight, i've ended up putting him to bed in no nappy or bottoms just to see if it improves, don't want to make it worse.

I've got no Sudacrem left as never ever reallyneeded it he's never had such a sore bum before.

what should I do? seems like a small thing to go GP about but it looked so sore


  • Metanium - best thing ever on really bad buttoms! It is in a yellow tube! Get it! God luck!
  • Boots do a really good zinc cream which is in a little purple tub. I have heard soooo many people rave about it. Luckily lo has never needed it, but I would buy it if he did.

    Do go and see your GP though if it doesn't heal, and they could give something that makes it heal quicker.

    Good luck
  • I second matanium, has always cleared up any rash my lo has had (although granted theyve never been that bad) or ive heard egg white is meant to be really good too.
  • sounds great thanks I'll try and get it, got some sudacrem today but its still not great. see how i go
  • sudocrem is a good barrier cream but CRAP at clearing up rashes. I swear by metanium like the others have mentioned. it's very thick and can stain, so be careful and use it very sparingly as a little goes a LONG way. it's brilliant though and clears my daughters rashes within 24hours xx
  • savalon is brill for rashes, my god son had a really bad rash from some new baby wipes after putting savalon on the redness went down within a couple of hours
  • well thanks I think I agree that sudocrem isn't that great at clearing the rash but I've been leaving him with a bare bum inbed and it has dried out and is loads better. I've also thown away the wipes as they gave my niece a rash on her face too although I've used the same ones for over a year i think we've had a bad batch, Sainsbury's Eco but I've swapped now to huggies pure they are very soft in comparisonand he hasn't screamed or complained with them.
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