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13dpo bfn

Hi, I'm new to made for mum's. Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for 2-3 years. I have pcos and my af is irregular. I am currently on my 3rd cycle of Clomid. I have experienced what i think is implantation pain from 9-11dpo. I have also been more emotional than normal and yesterday I was feeling really nausea's. I caved and poas but bfn. How long should I wait to test again?


  • this is exactly how I’m feeling. I go by a 26 day cycle, I go by an app on my phone which tells me when Im due on and when I ovulate ( always come on AF before they day they say ) today is the day the app calculates I should be on my period which in my head I’m late from my own calculation but nothing! from day 22 to day 27 I had spotting ( not enough to wear a pad just when I wipe) so went a got a test today and got a BFN I’m so disappointed, I’m sitting here wondering do I need to go doctors? Am I pregnant? It’s such a stressful thing especially when it’s never happened before, today I have felt so sick, headaches need to wee more frequently seemed as if symptoms where here and now I don’t know what to think! Someone advised me to wait 2-3 days after any spotting or bleeding? So maybe wait a few days and hopefully we will get the answer we want!!! X 

  • It's so frustrating isn't it. I also have never been pregnant so dont know what signs i should be watching out for. My cycles over the past 4 months have been 23-26 days so technically I should have already started or at should be here in next few days. I keep reading about other people that have had bfp on day 8 so that makes me think I'm out of luck. I've had no bleeding or spotting but had pain lower left side and back. Felt like af was coming but it's been 5 days since that started and still no show. Sending baby dust xx

  • 100%. Especially when it’s everything you want! I had my friend on the phone saying im definitely pregnant to doing a test and getting that back ☹️  I’m hoping I am just hoping it’s to early to show as I’d only be 4 weeks or so? I don’t know I’m so confused as well as you probably are! Maybe give it a few days and do another Test?! Hopefully we can both come back with BFP and get the best Christmas present ever? How nice would that be! Sending you baby dust too ❤️

  • Yes I'm hoping it's just too early to test. I'll retest in a few days like you said and fingers crossed x

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