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Chemical pregnancy?

Hi all hopefully I've posted this in the right place sorry if not my heads boggles!
Basically me and my other half have been trying for nearly 2 years with no luck (no known underlying issues) and I ovulated xmas eve going by Opks, I had weird symptoms from about 8dpo along with spotting on 9dpo I just felt different, I took a test on sunday 12dpo with a frer and it was stark white negative so I assumed I was out.. on monday morning 13dpo I took a babyplan test which is meant to be 10miu and and could've sworn I saw an EXTREMELY (holding upto the light) faint line and so in the afternoon I held my wee and did another babyplan one and there was a line there that came up within the 3 mins that got slightly darker within about 10mins I'll add a pic below. Then a negative CB digital in the evening so I assumed my hcg wasnt high enough yet so tuesday (the day my period was due) 14dpo I took a test with a frer and it was stark white negative then within an hour I was bleeding then heavier next day 15dpo! Does this sound like a chemical pregnancy or a dodgy test ? I have heavy painful periods anyway so I don't think it's any heavier than usual. I thought with a chemical pregnancy you get a positive test then it slowly fades then your period is a few days late but my line disappeared by the next day and I came on on time I'm so confused !! Sorry for long post just wondering if anyone had any insight or had anything similar happen ? Thanks in advance ! Pic below is my positive the afternoon of 13dpo xx


  • I would say a chemical.. just going on what you’ve said, plus the positive turning to a negative and now a heavy bleed.. x
  • I had Evaps on babyplan. 

    If u are having a miscarriage u would know. For most ppl horrendous cramps and clots. I had 5 si far and I always know. 
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