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  • Morning Renata, Glad to hear your son is feeling better, I never knew about camomile treating colds, I always just use the usual calpol for Brandon and Lemsip for myself, although he hasn't had a cold for some time now, he used to get them one after another when he was tiny, which annoyed me cause I was told they would have a better immune system if you breastfeed and I did for four months. Brandon moved loads when I was pregnant and I loved it, apart from when I was trying to rest and I would get a foot wedged right under my ribs, that wasn't so nice! I always used to sleep on my side with a pillow between by legs because it seemed to reduce the pressure. Not to sure about names, I'm always changing my mind, and you'll always find someone who doesn't like your choice. When I told everyone I was going to call my baby Brandon (which was actually my first choice before searching high and low for other names, I still kept thinking about that one, did exactly the same when I chose my wedding dress) anyway, my in-laws kept saying 'well what about this name or this one..' and I thought this is MY baby and I like the name IV'E chosen, so I stuck with it. Other boys names I like now are Rowan, Robert, Jayson, Rayden, and Elijah, don't know if I was having twins, my husband always jokes about Jack and Daniel after the whisky! That guy at the market seems to have a good point- Our spirits certainly don't change (even if we want them too sometimes!!) I'm having a bit of trouble potty training Brandon, and have just bought him a new potty (he hated his old one cause it was a bit basic) which he will sit on but do nothing, but I think maybe I should try a bit harder with him. You seem to be doing a good job with Daniel-well done! Brandon can say most words (which isn't always good when he copies daddy!!) We took him to church on sunday and he wouldn't shut up! Better go, going to mother and toddler group in half hour, will come back later. Take care, Amy x
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