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Which formula for a newborn? (also in Baby)


I am gatecrashing from pregnancy - my first baby is due on 4th Feb.

I am really hoping to breastfeed, but after seeing the problems my sister had, I thought I'd get some formula in stock just in case...

I was therefore wondering whether anyone had any recommendations for which brands of formula are best for new borns? I thought I'd get some cartons in initially (for ease of use more than anything else) and then move onto the powdered stuff if I need to.

Any advice much appreciated!

A confused Cath x


  • It totally depends what you are looking for! I personally used (and still do) aptamil as it has immunofortis which helps the immune system if you are not bfing!
  • Hi,

    I started bf and then moved to formula so wanted the nearest I could find. My HV recommended (even though they're not allowed too but she's really good) Aptamil First, my baby also has colic and so I didn't want to make this worse. Been using it for 2 weeks an no problems yet! I know a couple of friends whose babies started out on SMA gold but they had colic too and both moved to Aptamil and saw improvements quickly! Everyone has an opinion but this is my experience.

    Good luck for Feb!

    Inka xxx
  • i used SMA gold with dd and she didnt take to it at all and ended up on cow and gate and thrived after that. x
  • We have been using Aptamil from the start - we were given it at the hospital and then recommended it by the HV after and 7 months on, baby is still happy on it. Good Luck and think it is a good idea to be prepared as bf is not for everyone.
  • I would advice away from SMA, my baby boy was on it and has been terribly constipated. He is now on aptimal comfort with recomendation from HV. I think Aptimal is a good one.
    Good luck to you,
  • We started on cow and gate but he seemed to be a little constipated, so midwife suggested aptamil, which he seems to be a lot more regular on.
  • My son only ever had SMA Gold (went onto hungry baby later) and thrived on it. Each baby is different, so quite difficult to give a definate opinion.

    Sam x
  • My 5day old boy is also on SMA Gold since just over a day old as we had real problems with BF'ing. He took to it brilliantly and is feeding really well (already back to birth weight too!). I've had no problems with him being constipated, he poops well!

    Rosalie and Flynn (5days)
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