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Please read!

I am four days late,my cycle is ALWAYS 28 days and my period ALWAYS last 4 days and has been this way since last November all but one month and that was because of change in diet. My question is how long after your missed period did you test and get a positive? I took a test last night after drinking tons of water and got a negative, I tested again this morning with first morning urine also a negative. My sister didn't get a positive blood or urine until she was 7 weeks with her daughter and 8 weeks with her son! Anyone get a negative then a positive?


I started bleeding about 10 minutes ago it is light pink and not very heavy. I am going to check in an hour or so and see if it is any different.

Anyone ever had anything similar happen?? I am now curious as to why my period (if this is my period) is 4 days late.


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