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hi girls

Dont news lol!!!!!

Just wanted to say hi really,as kids all settled eating breaky ( fruit bowl and cherrios!) in front of the tv for a lazy Sat morning...first ever in months lol!

As I said, no news on sprout yet lol...think I had a show or lost my plug over two days or so but having NO other signs that it wants to come out lol! ( must be all the choccy and cake I have been likes it too much lol!) Midwife not till next Wednesday so hope then she will check to see whats happening if it hasnt arrived lol!

We brought a car yesterday......after all this time of saving etc we now are the owners of a ford galaxy...not new but good enough for our needs. the kids have called it.........BIG DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a volvo called Old Bessie and they decided this in the middle of pizza hut last night lol Oh well at least they get to have the input and not feel left out lol!

Well hope you all are ok? enjoy your weekend ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hey babs!

    Lazy morning here too....although were off to the beach after lunch (5 minutes in the car) but were being nice and taking them on the train!

    Very jealous of the car - were saving for a new Zafira....kind of took a back seat though as weve just booked our flights to Canada in Augutst and getting a very expensive puppy in May....will start again after that!

    Very exciting - bubs will be here soon! Are you on FB? x

  • Hi sweetie, Thanks for the reply, hope you have a fab time at the beach...I am sooo jealous lol!

    No I am not on FB, had a few probs on there before now so just deactivated my account..sorry! feel free to email me at bottom as usual.

    What sort of puppy are you getting? I looove dogs of any shape or size lol, I used to work for rescue/boarding kennels just top get my fix lol you can imagine how spoilt my old rescue mongrel is cant you lol!!!!!

    I am 38weeks today......................I should buy shares in pinapple and now i have started on the pineapple juice too lol. no effect on my guts thank god lol!!!!!!!!
    I just cant wait to hold this little baby xxx
  • Awwww bless you - you feeling ok in yourself? Ive never got to 38 weeks...made it to 37 once but still have 8lbersimage

    Were getting a Weinmarener - high maintenance i know, but a lovely breed so very exicted!

    Il give you an email tonight, just eaten an omlette and need to get my arse dressed then feed the rabble.......

    Enjoy the pineapple
  • ooh weinmaraners are the cuties puppies arnt they, I love their floppy ears when they are little. Is it going to have a long tail or is it docked?
    I actually think they are perfect for familys with children especially when you spend alot of time out at the park or in your case the beach lol! they are so lively and full of fun, perfect.
    My Aunt has one, I think she is about 5 yrs old now, called Ellie and she is the most fun dog, when ds was younger we all went on a picnic and she followed him around every where, it was so cute to watch as she had never been around young children before.

    OOH listen to me waffel lol!

    I feel fine in myself, it has suprised me as I am so busy all the time but I actually feel great lol!
    Its funny but from the back I dont look pregnant so when I turn side ways or to the front people are shocked that I have a bump lol

    I have actually had enough of pineapple but seem to be craving vitamin C so its all fruit and juice in my diet at the mo!!!!

    Omlette sounds yummy...I am off to prepare our chicken caserole for tea, hubby is on his way home from work so i had better get things straight here too lol!!!!!!!

    hope you are ok? talk soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey babs, obviously your little sprout is liking it too much were he/she is at the moment, you obviously make it too comfortable in there :lol: Wish I could have a lazy morning but that never seems to happen although me and hubby are having a rare night out tonight, I am just in the process of convincing him that he wants to drive so that I can drink, hmmm wonder what I will have to promise to win that arguement image
  • MORNING HAYLEY.........babs shouting to wake you up after your boozy night out lol!!!!!
    hope you enjoyed your night out....did you get a drink or did hubby not like what you promised lol!!!!!!
    Hope you and your gang are ok, my dd2 has a rotten cold, thats just wiped her out completely bless her.

    As for sprout being too comphy, the little bugger is getting me worried as yesterday it wasnt quite so active, or overnight for that matter so I have been up since silly oclock drinking cold drinks, hot bloody drinks and now Ive tried the old buttered toast that sometimes works!!!!! its still only measuring 35 weeks too which Ive never had a problem with before until now as I am 38 +1. Oh goodness listen to me waffel probably have a bit of a hangover and Im here making it worse lol!!!!! soooo sorry!!!

    Anyway its probably just me worring about nothing and if I took a trip to the hospital they would hook me up to the monitor and sprout would boot it off lol!!!

  • babs go in get checked n put ur mind at rest! baby doesnt have a huge amount of wiggle room and if your stressed then you wont feel as much movement but its always worth checking!!!! im sure baby is fine but if you feel less than normal go n get checked!!!

    here endeth the lesson hehehehe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks Lolly, I actually was on the verg of calling the bedsuit at the hosp and sprout decided to give me a huge good kicking right under my ribs. the little blighter has been wiggling off/on over the last few hrs especially when I was in the car so I am going to keep counting movements...up to 13 so far lol!!!!!!!

    I def wont leave it so long next time, just feel like they hosp will make me feel soooo stupid and ask why I have gone last time!!!!!

    hope all ok with you sweetie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • oh hun. Deffo get checked - always trust your instincts, dont be put off about what MWs would think/say - thats what you would say to any of us right????

    big ((((hug)))) xxxxxxx
  • I did get a drink babs, hubby liked what was on offer :lol: didnt have a hangover though only had a few drinks. Defo do not leave it so long to get checked out next time, when I was having Alice she stopped moving for a day at about 30 weeks, I was beside myself with worry but didnt want to ring the hospital in case I wasted their time, eventually I rang, she was fine and they honestly couldnt have been nicer, told me to call anytime I was worried, they would rather spent half an hour monitoring you than have you worry. Hope sprout makes an appearance soon. xx
  • Hey

    Might not be on again for a while so wanted to wish you all the best and i will be thinking of you.

    As i said to SIL, promise me you will take loads of photos esp of you all together.

    much love

  • Thanks girls,

    DB......................lovely, I feel so humbled by your goodluck and everything, bless you, you have been through sooo much and I cannot tell you how I feel for you and how brave you are to even come on here so soon. Thankyou my darling. I hope day to day you are getting through and finding a little peace in your heart. Takecare xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Db, completely agree with what babs has said, I think about you alot and hope you are managing to get by day to day, you are an incredibly brave person. Sending you lots of love xxxxxxxx
  • ok hun well just go in if your concerned! keep a check on those kicks for me image !!!! db so nice to see you on here even for a min, you havent left our thoughts!!!

    as for how i am, i should have hit 20 weeks if all had gone right and thats very hard, just focusing on the things i can change right now like getting into uni and loosing the preg weight! how unfair is it that i got a bump and fat arse for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (trying to find the humour as ever)

    anyway im knackered another joyful after affect!!!!

    love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi babs....any news??? Just a word of warning (dont mean to scare you) I did not feel Amelia move for a whole day. It only hit me that night that I could not remember the last time she moved. I had a bath, ate cold, hot, sweet etc.. nada!!! I really should have gone to hosp there and then. I went to bed and only woke with a contraction and heavy bleeding! She was born by EMCS at 35 weeks. Best to go in and be safe!

    DB... as the other girls say, you are never far from my thoughts. I hope you are getting some joy and comfort from you boys and that you know little teddy is always going to be there looking out for you all.

    d xxx
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