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We did it!

We just had "loving" for the first time in 49 weeks - omg how scared was i - after soooooo long of ttc we said at the end how lovely it was to cuddle and not be thinking about what could be in 2 weeks and not doing a hand stand - not peeing on sticks not bathing with rose quartz - binning the orange pants! God and the chanting of ebay spells - clomid - god we really tried so many things.

i have to say it felt abit odd down there and i could feel a slight pull on the section scar - all in all - it was quite enjoyable after the nerves had subsided - it really feels like we are a proper family now nd not just "friends"

God i sound stupid but it was actually quite a big deal for me x


  • yay! image

    we still havent ventured there yet!
  • yay well done!!
    we did it for the 1st time today after 13 months!!
  • We nearly did last night, but I can feel my icky scar from my episiotomy - I don't like it! image Poor hubby.

    Well done to you though honey!image
  • yay well done, its so scary the first time isnt it?!! My daughter is 6 months and its only in the last week or 2 that it hasnt been sore (I had a second degree tear that took over an hour of stitching)
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