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change bags that attatch to pram handle?

hiya, i'm from due in may and wondered if any of you had used the bags that attach to the handle of the pram? We have a quinny buzz in midnight blue and i quite like the baby mel tool bag, mainly as it'll be a handbag too and small for short trips out, thought i saw it in red but may be mistaken as cant see it on their site image. We have the boots free one for day trips but as it'll be my handbag too i'd like something a bit nicer and also secure attaching to the quinny.
Thanks everyone!
Stef and babyg.
31+5 xx


  • I've got a Skip Hop bag. They come in all sorts of styles and designs and their main feature is that they have special clips to attach them to the pram. I have a Mothercare Mychoice which is similar to the Quinny and love my bag.


    K x
  • I have a loola up and I use the bag that attaches to the handle and I love it.
    hth x
  • My friend has a Radley changing bag that attaches to her pram handles.
  • I have the Pacapod satchel. And while it doesn't look very handbagish, they do have other designs that do.

    Quite pricey, but well worth the money, we've even used the pods on their own several times!

  • I have the quinny, and have a ju ju be bag with the clips to clip it onto the buggy - im hoping it is going to work nicely!
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