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Surely this is far too young for teething

Monty is just over 7 weeks and for the last four days has been soooo cranky all the time. He has also been drooling (which he hasn't done before), and sucking on our fingers and clothes and harder to settle to sleep. Someone said he might be teething but he's only 7 weeks! Any thoughts?

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  • I didnt think babys started teething until they were abt 3 months on BUT i was told by midwife that some , albeit not many, babies are born with tooth having broke through and that teething can start at any time, so, there you go! News to be but i have to trust what the medical profession say i suppose! If i think really hard i do remember H having a cranky period around 7 - 8 weeks. I went to get calpol but it was for 3 months plus so couldnt get it for him, they have reclassified to to 2 months pluis so you not far off being able to use it. Have you tried any teething gel. Think you can get some from birth plus. Recommend Ambesol when lo gets a bit older, is stronger than gels and can be bought over counter. Hope lo settles down xx
  • Jack started teething at 3 weeks, but didn't get his first two teeth through until he was 5 months, but you could see the 2 little white bits at the bottom of his gums. We used ashton and parsons and denitnox as both are suitable from birth xx
  • my friends baby ws born with a tooth and my ds2 had first tooth at 8 weeks!!
  • Beth started teething really early. It was on and off for months but her first one finally came through yesterday (she's 28 weeks!)
  • BB I have been wondering the same thing, Felix has been chewing on his hands, having really grumpy periods and crying out suddenly then doing a really sad cry like he is in pain. I ruled it out thinking 6 weeks was way too early.
  • this is so interesting - I thought I was mental for considering it with Imogen...she's 6 weeks tomorrow and dribbles loads (only since about the last week or so) and sucks her fingers (and now a dummy) all the time
  • Sara's been doing the same, I saw my friends great grandmother at the weekend and she commented on it saying...ooohhh, she's chewing her hands and dribbling, some people think thats teething but its not, its their gums 'doubling-up'...aparently babies are born with thin gums and they need to thicken up to house the teeth. So, I suppose it is teething of sorts!

    Dunno if its true but she's usually right about babies (she had 9 of her own and raised her sisters 4 also!) Thought it was interesting anyway.

    Liz x
  • Thanks everyone. In a way I hope that's what it is - it means there's a reason for his near constant crankiness. He has been better today but I think I'll go buy a few teething rings just in case.
  • teething rings and dentinox gel, it is just the teeth bedding in,

    Isabelle teethed from 5 +3, the health visitor told me and my response was "don't be ridiculous!" however the fridge rings really helped, and when her tooth finally came through ( it came to the surface and was visible under the gum 4 times) the teething was completely different, she was off her food and gnawing on anything really hard, and only got red cheeks at night but no moaning? It's through now and she loves rubbing my finger on the razor edge of it, monkey girl!

    Bets X
  • Abby started teething at 8 weeks, although we didn't actually get a teggy until 8 months! They get pain from the teeth "getting into position" waaaay before they actually cut.

    Not sure what age you can use them from but Ashton and Parson's teething powders are a total god send! Abby acted like I was giving her crack (not helped by the fact that they are white powder wrapped in paper!) she got so excited when I started to unwrap them! Bless.

  • I totally agree with nikkiandneil! My DD started at about 11/12 weeks and didn't cut her 1st until 5 1/2mths - but suffered long before then! She then cut her next 2 at 10 months and we literally had her mildly suffering for the whole 5 months inbetween as they were moving down!

    so it could definitely be teething! Definitely recommend Ashtons and Parsons, and I think they can be used from birth as they have dosages for under and over 6 months only! Dentinox gel is good too and also suitable from birth!
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