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I'm asking him tomorrow, aaarghhh!!!!!

Hi everyone, i haven't been on for ages because madam is refusing to sleep in the day unless we are out with the buggy. So i missed you all, hope you are all fine!

Anyway, it's Ian's birthday tomoerow so i get to ask him the big question. I have bought a card saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUSBAND" and something along the lines of i just want to say that you are intelligent, witty and attractive and inside it says your mine all mine. So then i have written a message inside telling him how much i love him and that as it is a leap year i can ask you, will you marry me?

I hope he says yes otherwise he can't keep the card he he!

Karen xx


  • Oh Karen, that is a lovely way to ask him!

    Im sure you will get the answer you want, good luck and keep us posted xx

    That sounds so lovely - he won't be able to refuse!!

    Keep us posted
  • Thanks Simone.

    I also got him a lovely dadi card from Hollie which i hope he will like, she slobberd all over it whilst i was writing it with her ha ha.
  • Good Luck Karen!!!

    That sounds like a lovely way of asking him!!! Fingers crossed that he says Yes!! How can he not????
  • Good luck.

    I hope he appreciates what you have done, let us know the answer.

    Zoe xx
  • Ah karen I think thats a lovely way of asking him. He has to say yes so that you can tell Hollie in years to come how mummy proposed to daddy.
    Let us know his answer
    Best of luck
  • HI karen
    best of luck tomorrow, hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.

    please please come on and tell us how it goes.

    kas xx
  • Good Luck Karen!!!

    That sounds like a fab idea - dont forget to let us know how you get on!!! x
  • Thanks girls. I hope he says yes too.

    I will let u know how it goes sometime tomorrow when we get back from my parents. My mam is cooking him a meal because i can't cook especially now with Hollie glued to me constantly lol. And we are going to watch the huskies racing in the forest where my parents live.

    Better go get some kip, Hollie was awake most the night again and up at half 7 and only just gone to bed now. I'm shattered.

    Speak to u soon, xx
  • Good luck and Good Night, Hope you can get some sleep!
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow!
  • yes me too, good luck
  • Good luck hum

  • Yes he did say yes, if u read the post FAO Karen i have written what happened in there.

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