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Somebody slap me!!

REALLY want to test! I've always been good and never tested before, always waited for af but this month I can't stand it!! All my symptoms (which I've never got before) are really good (well, except the feeling sick, that isnt so good :lol: ).

I have a cb (not digital) and a tesco hpt, but want to go buy an fr and test tomorrow!! Argh, I'm only 9/10 dpo today!!!! Help!!!


  • OK Big cyberslap for you! Thwack
    NO TESTING!! Youve been good so far so try just for a few more days xx
  • SLAP SLAP SLAP!!! Is that better lol! you dont want to be dissapointed do you? I would really wait a few days i know ppl have had faint lines this early but if you dont then it will be hard to keep up pma so just wait an extra few days pleeease! tell hubby to hide them ha. Really hope its a BFP x
  • Hubby is worse than I am! He had a dream last night that we tested and it was a BFP so he's egging me on, :lol:

    I'm trying to be good I promise!! Hubby is away tonight as well which isn't helpful as nothing to distract me :roll:

    Thank you for the slaps - you might be dishing out a lot in the next couple of days! image
  • SLAP! lmao! garfield, you said i was gonna be the one needing a slap! ahahaha not long to go hun! stay dissaplined! lol
  • awww kerianne, what a cute piccy!
  • Agree with *me* on the picture, K-A!

    My face should be feeling very sore by now with all these slaps :lol:
    Will hold off and test saturday...promise... image
  • well done hun! not long! *squeels*
  • Hehe, maybe I need to change the subject to 'Somebody slap *me*!!'
  • Good Luck


    gembags image
  • STOP IT DO NOT TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Don't do it, don't do it!!! Easy for me to say though, I tested at 8dpo last month, idiot!! x
  • I'm going through phases at the minute; some minutes I'm itching to test (and hoping like littlewolf I'd get a BFP!) others I'm saying to myself 'don't be stupid, you can't be' and then I'm back to wanting to test again!!

    Argh!! I've never been like this - not even a few months ago when as was 5 days late! :roll: I might have a sneaky test in the morning and replace the test so hubby doesn't know image
  • DON'T DO IT. Try and have patience and what will be will be, but I know that's easier said than done. Good luck whatever you decide. x
  • SLAP, SLAP, SLAP (alternate cheeks!) Don't!

    I will not test early again ever and I'm a POAS addict (well was). See my other threads, wait until af's late. I really hope you have your BFP. I got mine at 11dpo and got a slap back down 6 days after (over this last weekend) when it didn't stick. Sorry hun but honestly it's not worth the heartache. Try and wait until you're a few days late. Good

    Oh and if I go back on my statement 'I will not test early again ever' - feel free to slap me back image
  • garfield what symptons are you having hun? x
  • I'll hold you to that BOB!

    Thanks for the advice and will hold out; you're so right it isnt worth the heartache is it? I was so sad reading your posts, hope you're ok hon xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Am on the fence the pissonastickaholic in me would say test but have had so much heartbreak this weekend too I would say wait

    However am impatient and want to see you get your BFP so if you can test and be ok with it if its BFN then I say test. If your like me and its a crushing blow wait until AF is late.

    I have peed on that many sticks since i started TTC. Lmao at you saying you will replace it before hubby notices, if my hubby knew how much i had spent on tests he would have a fit lol.

    Oh and heres your SLAP!!! whack he he


  • Hehe, thanks hon. I dont think i'd be disappointed - I figure it aint over til af arrives, and if i tested early and got a bfn I'd just want to re-test in a few days! But am going to try and hold off!

    Feeling so sick right now its rediculous! Hope it is my bfp otherwise i'm coming down with something nasty! :\(
  • hi if you do test dont forget to let us know asap lol x
  • Oh don't you worry after dh you'll all be the first to know!!

    When I was pg with first lo we told our closest friends & family quite early, then had two heavy bleeds & thought we'd lost him - not making that mistake again, will wait until we've had the scan. No sense putting everybody else through heart ache if we don't have to. So you girls will be my lifeline when/if I get my bfp! :\)

    Besides which, if I get a BFN i may need more slaps in the coming months image
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