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quicker labours

ive heard that with every child you have the general rule is that labour is quicker than the last?
im pregnant with my 3rd and very worried about time scale of labour!
my first was 15hrs, and my second was only an hour and a half!! just a little worried if every labour is suppost to be quicker each time that i wont have enough time to get to the hospital!!

just wondered if you ladies that have had 3 or more children could share your experiences with this?
ive also been told that the 3rd is the hardest? is this true??



  • I dont have 3 children but my mum had 4 and I was the third child, I was also the smallest and she said out of all the labours I was the easiest, I was born very quickly as well, I think within established labour was about 1 hour but my mum's 2nd labour was 45 minutes and the fourth was about 2 1/2 hours and she said he was the hardest.
  • Hi hun i've just had my 3rd, my labours were

    1st-48 hours
    2nd-1hr34 mins
    3rd-46 mins

    I would suggest you go straight in at the first signs of labour, i literally walked into the delivery room and the babys head popped out.
    Althoug my 3 and only 3 years apart. good luck x
  • mine are close together aswell. my first and second are 18months apart and my second and third will be 3 years apart!
    im just extreamly worried i wont get to the hospital in time and i end up having baby in the car!! lol.
  • my first was 55 minutes from established labour to holding DD, ive just had my second but she was back to back and was 3 hours from establish labour to holding her, MW said it was a very fast labour and birth for a B2B baby and said it was a good job she was B2B or i would never have made it the 40 miles to the hospital! x
  • First was back to back and took seven hours from first pain to being born.
    Second was born in 34mins, i kid you not, woke up at 7am son was born on bedroom floor delivered by hubby at 7.34am!
    Third was 1 hour 15 mins nicest labour born again at home but in pool, also no assistance again but midwife did arrive just minutes after she was born.
    My fourth is due in november and i've already had all the jokes that i'll probably just sneeze hard around bonfire night and find this baby in my tights lol.
    Jo xxx
  • i was also wondering this! i was induced with my 1st and was a long labour... but my 2nd was quick, and now im due during the summer holidays and worried if i do go quick then my 5year old will be there...dont really want to scar him with that image lol!!
  • I was 1 hour 45 mins with my first and she was back to back. Midwife thinks I'll be even quicker with this one.....

  • my first was 2hr 50 my 2nd 1 hr 20 im also really worried lol dont want my first 2 seeing that lol
  • wow! they were both really quick labours faithm! especially 2hrs 50mins for the first!!
  • wow, some really quick labours here! my first was 6hrs50mins and i thought that was speedy! the mw who delivered my son said that second labours are almost always quicker and that i'd be "camping out at the hospital" next time! good luck x
  • too quick really she got hicups from it lol my sister is the same she had her last baby on the kitchen floor
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