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Isla (26.5 months) is starting to take her clothes off&on which I'm happy about but the problem is she's stripping down in bed - including her nappy! I plan on trying to start potty training next month but in the meantime I'm hoping I won't find nappy contents all over her bed...

This morning the little stinker was jumping up and down in the full monty yelling for me :roll: and I couldn't help but giggle ~(maybe not the best parenting!).... I should add she doesn't do it much during the day, maybe just her trousers/nappy so I'm there to stop it but the biggest problem is in the morning after she wakes up... Oh yeah and I should add I've stopped putting her in the zipper foot pj's as those are too easy to get out of but she's a magician at getting the bottoms off... Any ideas how I can get her to stop?


  • we used to buy the fancy sleepsuits from Vertbaudet and LaRedoute catalogue, the ones that popper closed down the back.... but im a cruel mummy, they were really difficult to get off herself! Elivia was just the same at that age, not too bad during the day but terrible during the night, she still strips off occasionally and she turned 4 last month but thankfully toilet trained so no nasty whoopsies in the mornings - Good Luck, and remember she'll grow out it soon(-ish) x
  • Ohhh hun i sympathise! Evie has just began this in the last few weeks, she's almost 2 1/2. I'm afraid i have zero advice... Evie doesnt do it through the night (yet!) but often does it during the day in the house. I find it really funny, but i'm waiting for the day a delivery man/ringtons man/window cleaner knocks on the door and a nuddy Evie comes running up to say hello in the buff... eeeeek! lol. xx
  • oh my god i know how you feel!!!! Last night I walked in to our bedroom and found Maddie like this:

    ahhh!!!1 Made me laugh so loud she woke up! but then she fell asleep and stayed asleep as I put her in a different set of nappy and clothes lol!!!

    She must have done a 'hulk' and popped open all her buttons and ripped off ehr clothes before falling asleep :lol:
  • lol! Tilly, my Isla and your Maddie would be fast friends!!!! You think she'd be cold, silly girl... It's good to know my dd is not the only stripper amongst us :roll:

    She's only taken her trousers off 2x during the day the last couple of days, not even her nappy this time, so maybe it's getting old to her, I hope!

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