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Teething, Canine first!!!

My LO is cutting his canine teeth first; I can't believe it but they are definitely cutting through! I know this is most unusual but was wondering if anyone else has or knows anyone with experience of this?
I'm starting to panic that there will not be sufficient room for his incisors!


  • My LO got his teeth in the 'wrong' order but HV said not to worry (as she always does...). Not very helpful I know, but internet research suggested that they often do come in a random order. Hope teething is not too painful for your LO x
  • my lo is doing this also and the pain she is in some days is awful, I think I have tried every teething remedy in the world to help but as far as I know it causes no problems for other teeth.
  • this is interesting as im sure my lo will be cutting her top teeth first!! canines first though, that is impressive!!!
  • Thanks girls. i am reassured that my lo is not alone on this.
    The poor little man is in agony and having spells of just screaming. He has never been like this before. Today he started bleeding from his mouth, I panicked but when I looked I realised it was coming from his gums. I just wish I could do more for him. He has had some calpol tonight so is fast asleep now.

  • My ds is yet to cut 4 canines and 4 back molars... are the canines usually last to come?
    Sorry to steal your thread newtobemam! xx
  • Research on the internet suggests that the normal pattern is incisors, molars and then canine at around 16 months. Which is why I was really worried. I'm not sure what my lo is playing at. Ha. Think he wants to look like a vampire. xx
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