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Anyone got a OBaby Atlas Sport stroller?

OH and I went shopping this afternoon and bought one. Just wanted some opinions on it please. xx


  • Hiya, Ive got an Obaby Atlas stroller which is same as sport i think, just not as funky! I like it, its light, easy to put up and down, it lies flat and my LO seems comfy in it. Only thing I dont like is when trying to recline it when LO asleep. When you press buttons the back goes down really fast so you need to hold on to it as you press buttons. Hope that makes sense!! x
  • Thanks for that, it's things like that which are really helpful to know! I wanted just the Atlas. But it was more expensive, and didn't come with the cosytoes, and OH preferred the Sport. I actually liked the design on it better, ours is just red and black. xx
  • I've got one! Really easy to steer, and LO is comfortable in it - the reason we bought it is that she outgrew her Graco travel system at 13 months (!) and has loads of space in the OBaby. The only quibble I have is that the folding mechanism is quite awkward and took me a while to get the hang of it, but it's still a fab pushchair.

    Hannah xx
  • Thanks Hannah.

    OH wanted a McClaren, but we put one on the floor and it had NO weight to it. I know it's popular, but I wasn't happy.

    It's nice to know it's just little finicky things you have to get used to, rather than being....OH yeah I had one, fell apart! :lol: xx
  • My niece bought Obaby Atlas stroller the last week and I think I`m going to buy it also because the design is nice and the stroller seems durable. My son would love the stroller, yesterday I bought him Red Sox kids and I am sure that buying him a new stroller will make him very happy.

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