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bad bad spd :(

have it again

i feel like crap
sickness still here

all i want to do is lye down all day and take lots of painkillers

gonna ring my midwife tomorrow cause i cant take much mroe


  • Did you get to have physio last time?? I was only told about it at 36wks and was then told "Oh your baby will be early so theres no point now"!!! Great after weeks of suffering and being able to hardly do a thing with Tate! Hope you do get some help, all I was told was to try a support belt and rest. Impossible with a baby that couldn't even walk then. Tate walked two months before Luka was born!!
    Im so sorry you feel so bad, so hope the midwife helps you xx
  • Oh dear Claire, that is such a shame, i had slight spd when i was pregnant and that was bad enough!

    I really hope the midwife can help you out, let us know how you get on.

    Big hugs xx
  • You poor thing,hope they can do the physio like Nicola says,or that the midwife can help.Rest up and chat soon.

  • Claire, sorry that you are feeling so rotten, I hope that the physio or midwife can offer you some relief. take care hun x
  • well i rang midife who told me to ring physio,

    i have an appointment tomorrow at 10 am
    which is when robert will be in nursary so they can have my full attention

    i'll be so glad if they can help me
  • Thats great that they are fitting you in straight away. Hope it helps Claire xx
  • Hope it helps you out.

    Take care and let us no how you get on.
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