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Change formula or wait a while? Help! BF to FF

Oh my goodness, the world of formula is a minefield. It was so much easier when I just had to get my boob out. :lol:

Since Sam (9 months) has been on formula (2 weeks) he has had SMA follow on milk. Whilst he seems completely happy in himself, his poos have been frequent, explosive and full of white bits (someone said that is undigested formula?) so I'm not convinced the formula suits him. Would this have happened with any formula or should I change to a different one? Which one is gentlest on their tummies?

Someone suggested he may have a dairy intolerance but whilst still being BFed he had tons of dairy in his solid food and never had a problem so don't think it's that.


  • When my LO was on SCBU, the nurses suggested we use Aptamil as the best and closest to breast milk - no idea how true, but we followed their advice and LO has been fine on it.
    Have you spoken to HVs about his poos?
  • I agree it might be worth having a word with your HV - I remember being warned the poo would change when we moved over to formula but I can't remember how, sorry! My HV did advise though that follow on milk can be a bit rich for babies who've never had formula, not sure how true that is, it might be worth trying him on first stage milk - it's fine until they're one. I used first stage Aptamil and it was fine.
  • If he's happy and having frequent bowel movements, i'd be inclined to carry on the way you are. It will take him a while to adjust to the formula, but everything sounds normal really, sometimes the formula poo will have flecks of white in it- we found this when we went from SMA to Aptamil- it'll go eventually.

  • Hi, when I switched from breast to formula I started on Heinz Nurture (on recommendation)- it never suited her but I ploughed away for ages! Eventually switched to Aptamil which was instantly much better, don't know why I waited so long.

    So ... another vote for Aptamil x
  • I'm not sure if this is relevant but follow-on milk made Lily sicky - after bm it was a bit much for her tummy to handle. I would probably use plain old suitable from birth formula.

    Hope weaning from boob is going ok, Coco.
  • PS We used Hipp Organic and had no probs.
  • Agreed - HV told me I never needed to move to follow on actually x
  • hey coco image seems we are following the same path here! my 8month daughter has just done the transition from breast to bottle. we are on Aptamil follow on milk and it has suited her fine. just dont forget to give extra fluids like water so they dont get constipated!

    i know what you mean about it being easier just to wap the boob out! all this sterilising and measuring is hard work!!! image
  • Thanks for the advice ladies. Have ordered some Aptimil first milk with my online grocery shop so will change to that and stick with it.
    Thank goodness he seems ok with it, but I am so sick of changing explosive poo nappies! I miss breastfeeding... )-:
  • Heya coco, I'd just like to say that my ds gave me horrible nappies for around a week after I changed his formula but I think it's normal. You need to give his tummy a chance to settle before changing again as it won't ease the situation. What I would ask is why you went straight on to follow on milk? Maybe you should try normal milk first? I hope it gets better and I can honestly vouch that it does image

  • is that the breastmilk sub coco?
  • Princess87 I went on to follow on milk because I thought that's what they should have after 6 months?

    And lucyah - I mean just the normal, newborn onwards Aptimil. Hope the transition from BF has not been too traumatic for you - my LO has been happy but I've found it really emotional! I want to have another baby really soon so I can breastfeed again!

    Hmmm, not sure what to do now. Maybe wait a while longer and see if his tummy settles on the SMA. Seeing HV on Thursday so may wait until then and see what she says, although knowing her track record, I will get far better advice from all of you. :roll:

  • Sorry coco that question may have sounded a bit abrupt!!!

    I've been told by my hv that follow on milk is unneccessary as they should get enough through a varied diet...that said I've also heard ladies on here say it's a waste to change buuuut isn't it a bot cheaper? And youget clubcard points on it too??

    Is their nappies getting better at all? X
  • lol, we are trying for another already coco! i gave my husband the "how much money i have saved breastfeeding over the past 7 months" talk when he suggested the next baby be bottlefed! lol

    i took plenty of pictures of lo feeding so i can relive it for now image

    underwire bras again though! woohoo!
  • We never bothered with follow on milk, just used the first milk until Lily went onto cows milk.
  • Follow on milk isnt any cheaper only 1 year on milk is. It also contains many more vits so if LO was teething etc and only taking milk then I know he is getting it all from his milk. (but you are great with LO's diet so would know what vits etc he was getting, I am a little clueless)

    When did his poo change? We have had icky poo for about a week now.....thoughtout he has often got this but I have never changed as his poo was never green. Is his poo green?

    It is always one drama after another of some sorts......I am worried when they leave formula totally (which isnt long) and then I really will be stuck with knowing whats what ahhhhhhhh
  • Well, today Sam seems to be cutting another tooth - dribbling, grizzly, chewing etc, so perhaps it was that? His only poo so far today seems fairly normal, so let's see how it goes... Ooh, I love a bit of poo talk.
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