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What age best to start pre-school?

just wondered when everyone started their children at pre-school?
My eldest started at 2 1/2 and i think this was a good age for just a couple of sessions. my youngest was 2 a couple of weeks ago and is due to start at the beginning of term. I'd put his name down ages ago but as its got nearer i've thought maybe he's too young. he is due to do 2 mornings. he already goes to a childminder 1 day a week which he loves but its so expensive. my work shifts are due to change so he'll be doing extra at childminder and a morning at my mil and then 2 mornings at the pre-school. am i just having last minute nerves and over-mothering him? just some different thoughts on what age is a good idea. if he really hates it i'll have to sort something else out anyway!!


  • they're all different, suck it and see. My ds went to private nursery 1 day a week when he was 1 1/2, he hated it. Been at home from 2 to 2 1/2 as i'm on mat leave then started playgroup for afternoons once he was 2 1/2. I didn't think everyday was a good idea, sounded too much. said we'd pay for all five but only send him to the sessions that we were comfortable with. After first 3 days he loved it and wants to go every day (it's only 2 hrs in afternoon)! he'd go at weekend if he could!:\)
  • It totally depends on your child I think. My lo will be starting in September when she'll be 2yrs 2months. Some ppl have said they think its a bit young, but tbh I don't really care what they think! it feels right for my lo. i work full time and she's at the childminders 4 full days a week at the mo so i think it'll be great for her to interact with other children and have more structured activities. fingers crossed it'll all be ok, hope things go well for ur lo to! x
  • ok - quick update - better late than never - LO started at just over 2 was fine the first session - wondered around and amused himself - think the staff thought he was fine so left him to it. after nearly surviving the 2 and a half hour session he suddenly got distraught and they couldn't console him and had to call me. after that he was upset everytime i left him and it was pretty horrible. after a while though he started to really enjoy it and did not get upset when i left him. he still only goes 2 mornings and seems to really love it so i'm really pleased!
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