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Unusual baby names !

We bumped into some friends at the weekend and they have called their little girl Midnight-raven-amie.She 5mths and we only found out sat they had her,she was 3lb and a bit and 7weeks early.


  • that is an unusual name, but I quite like names that are a little bit different. What made them choose the name then? Thats what intrigues me when people choose different names.

    Hows your day been Emma xx
  • I have no idea what made them choose it.

    Had an ok day,did the hoovering with me new hoover,didnt realise just how much gunk was in the carpet,my old hoover was great but this is tons better.

    Riley finishes nusery friday for easter hols so me and adi are taking him to the zoo as adi is off easter hols to,weather permitting that is,they should have the pigglets there to hold.

    What you up to this easter.
  • That is an unusual name. At least she can be known as Amie when she's older if she doesn't like her name or gets teased.

    I hope the weather is good enough for you to take Riley to the zoo. Sounds like fun.
  • That is a very random name. An old pregnant friend of mine had decided that if she was having a girl then she would call her Anastiasia - Rosemarie and then a long middle name which escapes me, plus a double barrelled surname!! If he was a boy - Thomas! Thank goodness it was a boy!!!

    I teach a boy called J.J (no name, just initials!!), and used to teach a girl called shuvone! I think the parents mean Siobhan!!!!!
  • Hi - you come across all sorts of weird names and spellings as a teacher. My mum taught a Levan - named after the actor Lee Van Cleef...

    I remember seeing on GMTV a long time ago, might even have still been TVAM, a family who liked cars so much they called their first daughter Mercedes, fine, that's where the car name came from anyway, the girl's name, the second Portia, though not convinced they used that spelling (character from Merchant of Venice I think?) and the third daughter was called Saab. I ask you, calling your child Saab! (Any Swedes on here to tell us where that name comes from?!)

    We went down the route of unusual first names, sensible and traditional middle names plus a Chinese name so there is lots of choice there as they grow up and get all stroppy teenagery.
  • I think unusual names are great as long as you think of one that suits them when they are an adult too!

    Nicolette, sounds like you ghave the best idea - plenty of choice! although, yes your children's names are unusual, but they are both beautiful names and perfect for growing up with!
  • Nicolette those car names made me laugh as theres a little girl at tots called Lexus!!!!!

    As a nursery nurse i've come across some quite odd ones, Fortune, Budd, Harmony (although i like that)! and my friends son is called Kuno!!!
  • Oh boo you just given me the best idea.
    Im going on about having another baby and hubby wont agree but he realy does love the name memphis,after riley.
    Thats what i'll do tell him he can call it memphis if its a boy.

    Bet he still says no or if he agreed it would be a bloody girl.LOL

    I have a friend called velvet and her sister was harmony,and the old boss i used to work for his boy was called LEAF and girl was LILLY,and the girl i worked with called her daughter Lilly Rose.
  • I used to work with somwone who had a boy called Torren and a girl called Iona, she explained that she'd named them that as you can see the Torren rocks from the island of Iona, i thought that was lovely! xx
  • My friends son is called Baydon, it was her grandads name. But there is a village near us called that, so i keep thinking he is named after a village!
  • lol there fab names girls.

    Sam and Me said that if we conceive in Long Island we can call our kiddy that lol

  • Hollie nearly ended up being calles porsche as Ian had to sell his before we had her. He also like the name Mercedes too. I was convinced we were having a boy, so i tried to get him to agree that he could name it if she were a girl and i could if a boy. He didnt agree until 2 seconds after finding out at my scan we were having a girl. I had to give in to him as i had promised. Luckily she ended up with a nicer name than Mercedes or porsche he he.

    Oh and im glad i didnt have a boy as the name i chose is really common and i dont like it at all anymore.
  • Its so hard choosing names though. Especially boys ones! Terry and I could never agree! X
  • Fab names!!!!

    Caroline - our cat was called JJ!!!!

    At school we've got JP, Shay, Chay and Morven.
  • There was a girl in our school called Anoushka. We used to get funny looks at sports events when we were cheering her on!
  • Snap Zoe!
    I had an Anouska as primary school!! Her sisters name was unpronouncable!
  • Wow caroline that is a v.unusual name,hehe!!lol(kidding)

    My downstairs neighbour has a daughter called zion,and some old neighbours called their daughter keseire.
  • That made me laugh Emma. hehehe
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