Sleep patterns

Just after some advice really.

Lo has been sleeping through since 9 weeks and by through I mean 8pm to around 8am. But the last week she has been waking at 6 and it has gradually gotten earlier each day (this morning it was 3:30) she feeds and then goes back to sleep for a few hours.

She is a big girl 15lbs 8oz (she is only 13 weeks) just wondering if this is normal?

Ps xx


  • Could very well be a growth spurt, they normally have one about 12 weeks and the fact she's waking for food supports that.

    Dylan has slept through from around the same age as your lo (hes now 7 months) however there have always been periods where he has woken in the night again or woken early (we get up at 6 usually now) we've just gone with it and eventually he has settled back into either his old routine or made himself a new one.

    Just go with what she wants at the minute hun sounds normal for her to be waking to me

  • Hi Hun
    have you tried maybe introducing a dreamfeed for a little while just to give her that extra feed before you go to bed, rather than her getting into a habit if feeding in the early hours again?
    You could try giving her an extra bottle in the day? Is she feeding 4 hourly? If so, try reducing it to 3. As she's been sleeping well for a while it sounds like it's just a growth spurt (normal at that age) so I don't think it'll last xx
  • I'd agree and say it could be a growth spurt, Hayden's 15 weeks now and i remember a few weeks ago wondering why it was all going pear shaped and he was up every 4 hours again but it settled down again after 3 nights. Just keep doing what your doing and it will pass.

    It could be the heat as well, it has been really warm at night this past week, could it be he's too warm? We've just been putting him in a vest and a 1tog sleeping bag.
    Is it a long feed or a quick drink? He could be thirsty with the heat?
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