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walking and taking direction

is this normal? my son is 17 months and when we are out in park and walking freely he doesnt respond to me calling him back he just carrys on! i dont think he would walk along side me out on street or anything, when do they do that? i no hsi only young but i was just concerned as if i say ' carson this way' he either looks at me pulls a a funny afce and acrries on or ignores me completly!


  • Totally normal! Mine is 22 months and still does that, or even BOLTS when I call him! So do not appreciate running after him when I m all preggors! Before and at age of 2 they look at most things discipline as a joke/humoristic situation, so it very rarely works ...

    I think they also actually dont hear sometimes when you call them as they are so concentrating on what they have seen or are running after.

    Tough job being a mummy :P

  • Normal!

    Ds1 is 2yrs 8m and still doing this. When I have him on the buggy board or a let him walk I have reins on him. He'd be in front of a car before I knew it!

  • My lo is 15 mths and she doesnt follow direction at all when in public, when at home she'll follow a bit better. I think its just too much excitement when theyre out and about !
  • toby (28 months) has only really in the last few days started coming back when i call him but i could't trust him near the road or anything as he won't always come back

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  • Totally normal.

    I agree with Lara in that all chilldren are quite different in this respect. I also think I read it somewhere( maybe toddler taming?) that some children are so confident they are just escape artists and run wild as soon given the chance. Whereas some stay closer to home preferring to hold hands or hold onto the buggy.

    Lo is 21 months and if we are on the pavement he will hold my hand and walk nicely (I sometimes put his reigns on and lightly hold onto them just in case he makes a run for freedom.) But if we're in the park he goes wild and runs off as soon as out of the buggy. Would be the same in a shopping centre if I let him cos there is so much going on. S x
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