Newbie saying hello :-)

Hiya Kels, welcome to BE, congratulations on the weddings and good luck with ttc, all the ladies are so nice over here, so hopefully you will really enjoy it! sending you lots of baby dust xxxxx


  • Hi Ladies,

    New to the board so just saying hello image

    Came off my pill as of june 18th so my first month of TTC, exciting times image (even though ive felt really crappy the last week with not restarting my pill)

    Married my DH may 30th and we cant wait to start TTC our first bubba image

    Baby Dust to u all :\)

    Kel xxx
  • Hi Kels, i'm a newbie too! Just started to properly TTC this month as I get married in 18 days! Good luck to all xxx
  • thanks ladies image

    Baby Crazy - good luck with ur wedding. we got wed a month ago now - enjoy every second of it hunni, it goes tooo quick.

  • Hi Ladies

    My hubbie and I have made the big "gulp" decision to start TTC. I can't believe the change in me - I've gone mad! All I think about is babies, and all I want to do is talk about babies... Is it the same for any of you?

    I have only been off the pill for a month, and every little "symptom" makes me wonder. I'm sure it's just the hormones making my nipples sore, headaches, nauseous, tired and starving... isn't it?

    If this is how mad I am now... I hope I can get through the months ahead of waiting to conceive.

    I joined this site in the hope that I'm just as "normal" as every other woman trying to conceive. image
  • Hi ladies

    I thought I'd do my workmates and friends a favour and join this site. Ever since my hubbie and I decided TTC I have gone mad! I can't stop thinking and talking about babies...

    Is everyone else the same?
  • Im exactly the same hunni, i work on a labour ward so im constantly broody anyway but since deciding to start ttc im ten times worse! lol

    ive also come off the pill, cd 10 today of who knows what day! ha ha, been on the pill ten yrs and remember my cycle being every 5 weeks but thats bout it, so its a guessing game now when a/f is gonna come.

    dont want to dishearten u either but ive also been getting funny 'symptoms' with coming off the pill image pain in the ass as well.

    baby dust to u - lets hope it doesnt take either of us long to catch

  • oooo working on a labour ward! how do cope with all the little cuties day in and day out =) I was convinced I was preg back in feb (my first month) I can now look back and see I was symptom spotting! non of that this time, oh is away so were just doing upsi as and when, no timing or checking dates! could be a long wait lol xxx
  • Its hard work, esp at the mo now we are actually trying (gosh i still get butterflies when i say that )

    was working in theater today so been in on a few c/sections, all i could think was how much i want one image

    and working where i do really puts it all into perspective,as long as i get a healthy baby, i dont care which way it comes out image

    just gotta get that BFP first image

  • Have you come across any unusual names or anything on the ward? I think about names ALL THE TIME! lol i need to get a grip! xxx
  • I think old fashioned names seem to be coming back - we had an elsie today.
    Hyphanated ones are also very popular, like lilly mae etc.

    other than that our hospital is quiet near the aisian community of our area so get alot of different people through our doors.

    we r always taking about names, got Thomas Harry for a boy (after both my grandads)

    but will need a baby name book for a girl cuz we have no idea! lol

  • Ah I love Thomas and Harry never thought of putting the two together, I also like George and Joseph, OH likes Theodore. Really struggle with girls names though xxxx
  • Love the name Joseph image

    My other half wants Holly for a girl - Its becoming so commen at the mo, its put me off it. name book is a must i think image lol

  • Aww i like holly too, but it wouldnt go with OH's surname! I loved Phoebe but I now have a niece called Phoebe! xxx
  • awh thats a bugger, love that name image

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