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Baby clothes - confused???

Hi ladies

I consider myself quite an educated person but why the hell do baby clothes confuse me so much? I'm in the process of buying clothes for my lo due in September and am a little bit perplexed by the vast range of items available:
short sleeved body suits
long sleeved bodysuits
sleeveless bodysuits
sleep suits
rompa suits

What do I actually need and when are little ones meant to wear what? Am I being really dull?

Can anyone shed a little light for me?


  • I was the same pre-baby!
    In my experience, vests are the same as bodysuits and babygros the same as sleep suits. Rompas are short sleeved and short legged, ideal for warmer weather. Long sleeved vests are ideal for wearing under dresses or t-shirts in cooler weather. Generally in cooler temps a vest is worn under a babygro to layer them up.
    I actually only have 2 rompas that were given as gifts. In these hot temps my LO is living in just a short sleeved vest maybe add some leggings if we're going out and think she needs to be a little warmer.
    Does that help any?
  • short sleeved bodysuits, sleeveless bodysuits and vests are more or less the same thing. For the first few weeks yu will probably have your newborn in one of these and a sleepsuit (or babygro - again, pretty much the same thing) around the clock. As they get older you will probably put them in clothes during the day and sleepsuits at night with vest/bodysuit underneath if weather warrants it.

    Romper suits are like all in one shorts and T-shirts and I put my little boy in these when it is hot during the day. They are quite soft and nice on his skin as well as being easy for him to move him. I'd say maybe hold off on these as a September baby will probably need more layers in order to stay warm.

    Stock up on sleepsuits and short sleeved bodysuits - they will be your staple items of clothing.
  • babygros and sleepsuits are the same bodysuits and vests are the same.

    I would recommend get a couple of vests, shortsleeve in newborn and a few in 0-3 months, we only had about 2 newborn so I had to send hubby out to get loads because she was so tiny.
    Get quite a few babgros because lo will probably spend the 1st month in them, lo didnt fit into anything else and we didnt eave the house for the first 2 weeks.
  • I had a sept baby and we used lots of sleepsuits and vests (short sleeves). We had a few in newborn and then more in 0-3. I initially put LO in a 0-3 sleepsuit and vest in hospital, but it was too big. He was 8lb 2 which i think is bit bigger than average, so any smaller and i think you would def need newborn.

    We found that although it wasnt freezing outside he still needed both a vest and a sleepsuit. We didnt have any rompers, it was too cold for those xxx
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