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how long after birth till you had a period?

Hi ladies,

Dixie is 3 weeks 1 day old and my bledding hadn't stopped but was easing up (just like end of period browny gunky! TMI sorry!) , now since yesterday it's bright red constant blood - almost like a period. I'm not sure whether it is a period or not or whether I should be worried so was wondering how long after you all gave birth until you got a period... Is 3 weeks normal?




  • Hi...

    You can bleed for up to 6 weeks after giving birth. It can appear to tail of at times as yours has and then come back. I would not of thought it would be a fresh period, but more bleeding from giving birth.
    It is nothing to worry about atall and will stop soon.
  • i bled for 5 weeks, it stopped slightly then came back a bit more. I bf and my first AF was at 6 months x
  • I got my first period when Adam was four and a half months old. Although I bled for ten weeks (!) after giving birth, so have no idea if a period might have been hidden away in there somewhere!
  • Hi, I bled for 2 months after giving birth and i still haven't had a period but i am breastfeeding. My little boy is 20 weeks now.
  • i havent had any sort of period at all!! dd is now 9 months old and i stopped breastfeeding 3 weeks ago!! weird!!
  • I stopped my post birth bleeding at 6+4 and AF came at 6+6, so one day with no brown discharge and pads before the witch returned and I'm BF'ing! Grr...
  • im not breastfeeding and phoebe is now nearly 9weeks and im starting to worry im pregnant, i hope not!!!im only just starting to exercise all this weight off haha!xx
  • I'm similar to BG, lochia finally tailed off at 6 weeks, now af has arrived at 6+2 and i'm breastfeeding too, boo!
  • I had post birth bleed for about 6 weeks and as I am still bf thought it would stay away for a bit longer but af returned after 8 months. Argh!

  • i bled for 7 weeks. i have not had a period but am ebf. baby is 17 weeks.
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