How many reusable nappies?

Hi, my son is 2 weeks tomorrow and I'm thinking of using the Mothercare Smart nappy. I was just wondering how many you would think I would need? I've no idea!!!


Daffodil & Andrew (2 weeks 2mo)



  • Lots!! I would just buy a couple first, maybe three and see how you get on. Ive heard that mothercare nappies arent the best. We've just started using bum genius

    They are great so far!

    I think the recomended number for a new born is about 8-9 a day, so depending on how often you are going to wash, and how quick you can dry them, you can work it out. Have you checked to see if your council have a trial pack or voucher system for nappies?

    Em x

    ps, is a site for nappy users, good for newbies like us!!
  • Hey

    We have a mix of Bumgenius, Flips and Close Parent Pop-ins. I think we have about 22 now and only have to wash every 3 days although he does now go 3 hours or so between changes - when he was wee they were far more frequent!!!
  • bumgenius are great. i have 15 and would be happier if i had another 5. i have other nappies as well, fuzzibunz, totsbots bamboozles, flips, weenotions. i actually have the name of a perosn who rents out a nappy bucket with a variety of nappies, for 2 weeks. dont buy bulk unless you have tried them. i did but have not ever heard anyone say anything negative about bumgenius and they work for us too.

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  • i bought the mothercare ones and to be honest i dont find them good at all! my daughter leaks from them but their inserts are great!
    i bought some fuzzibunz and they are great. i have 11 and that lasts me 2 days and do a wash on the second day. for a newborn i'd say you'd need a fair few.
    some local councils will help with the cost of real nappies or will offer a nappy service so it may be worth giving them a ring.

    good luck and congrates on the birth of your son x
  • It may be worth googling 'reusable nappies' and the name of your town. I found a local supplier who was happy to advise me before I bought any. At her suggestion I got 20 Mamabless one-size nappies with Motherease Airflow wraps.

    We do do a load of laundry every night, chucking the nappies in with whatever else is being washed, but that means we always have some clean, some drying and some dirty and allows us the occasional night off if necessary.

    If you can find an independent supplier to talk you through the options, you are far more likely to end up with one that is right for you. Or, as has been suggested, rent a sample bucket and see what you like. There are so many out there, it is worth being choosy.
  • I had the mothercare ones and sold them as we didn't get on with them at all. I went onto bumgenius and never looked back! Def get a few to try before buying in bulk so to speak. xx
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