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Can't Hold Off Any Longer :D

Can't hold off anymore..... I got my BFP last Wednesday, just over a week ago!

We are over the moon, but very scared too as most of you know we suffered a missed miscarriage in March after falling pregnant in January. So I've had 3 cycles in between falling again. Yesterday we got our 3+ on CBD too, which is great to see too, although part of me thinks we saw that increase from 1-2, 2-3 and 3+ before but still had the missed miscarriage, so I am trying not to read too much into that, if you know what I mean.

Went to the docs today and kinda pushed for an early scan, he wasn't that keen, and said you could have an early one, but anything could happen before the next one at 12w and he didn't think it would reassure us really, and that we would still be worrying. However, we pushed and he is now going to refer us for one in about 3 weeks, when I will be hopefully be 8w and can see a little blob with a heartbeat. I sooo hope we do! If it turns out the EPU won't do one, for whatever reason, we will prob go private around 8-9 weeks.

Symptoms: way tooooooo emotional, sore boobs extremely bloated (look about 6 mnths already!), weeing a bit more, slight headaches on and off, tired, babybrain (started a little bubba diary already and have been writing February instead of July about 3 times!!!) - think that's about it, oh and loose stools - sorry if TMI! image Again, I have had all these symptoms before.

I'm not sleeping that great for the worry of what might be. Hubby is positive enough for both us, which is great. He is my rock! I've been holding off posting for a bit, as wasn't sure to wait until my first scan etc., but like hubby said, you were all so supportive last time we went through our trauma, that if anything happened again, we would need that support again, from all you lovely ladies who are so understanding.

I'm hanging around this forum and not moving to DIM yet, but hopefully I will soon.


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  • Totally G/C from DID but saw this and just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! image All the best for the next 9 months - hope it healthy, happy and stress free xx
  • Omg - I just wrote a reply and BE decided to eat it ... anyway lets try again

    HUGE congratulations to you . Fabe news for you and your hubby.

    I know its easier said than done but try not to worry yourself too much. This is a whole new pregnancy. Also you did well to keep it quiet for over a week image

    Congrats again sweets
  • hey...congratulations,
    i had a missed miscarriage in april i was 6+3 weeks, im now 9 weeks pregnant and ive found myself setting little goals,it was nice 2 make it past 6 weeks. i turned down a early scan as i thought at least if i dont see it if anything does go wrong then i havent seen wat it was....if that makes sense?! it has been a constant worry but ive been having sickness this time which is always a good sign...or so ive read! (i didnt have it when i miscarried)
    i will say dont worry take it easy but its harder said than done lol
    but im sure u'll be fine good luck and congrats again x


    Didnt read your whole post as was too excited but im so so pleased for you.
    The next few weeks is going to be hard but you will get there. I have beed ref for an early scan but TBH this wont help as my baby died at 9 weeks so it may still happen.

    I think we all deserve a bit of good luck now. Look forward to chatting in DIM (if thats were I end up) over the next 8 months xxx
  • Way hey!! That is just fabulous!! Really pleased for you hon xxxx
  • oh wow that is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!! thought i hadnt seen you on here for a bit . im so pleased for you and hope to be joining you soon with my bfp!!! stay in touch honey and enjoy every second of it!!!
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  • Yay! so pleased for you hun!

    sending you super sticky baby dust xx
  • Ah I was worried when you hadn't updated after your test date but....

    Wow!! Congratualtions!! That is such wonderful news! Am so happy for you!

    It is understandable to be cautious, but I hope you can let a small part of you be happy and enjoy the preganancy, It's your turn now and I have everything crossed that this time its for keeps!!

    Loads of love and luck for the future, have a fabulous H&H 8 months and come back and update us about the scan!! xx
  • Congratualations!!! image How did u not post a week ago?? I'm not very good with keeping things to myself! I'd wouldn't have been strong willed enough not to....however I totally understand about you being cautious
    Congratulations again xx
  • Congratulations, thats lovely news! Can't believe you've kept quiet for this long! Wishing you a healthy and happy 9 months, Elli xx
  • Congrats hun!!! what fantastic news!! wishing you a very healthy pregnancy this time around! xxx
  • Hi ladies, thanks for all your replies. Already had a call from my docs secretary this afternoon, he has already contacted EPU and has a scan booked in for us in 2 weeks time. By our dates, we should be exactly 7 weeks. Am just trying to decide whether to go for that, or try and change to a week or so later when we're 8 weeks....??? Would a week really make much different in what you can see I wonder.... Zxx
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  • Congratulations. Really happy for you.
  • Hiya
    Really happy for you both. Hope you get your early scan too image Our Dr said we could have one but then MW said we couldn't image
    We are going private for early scan because I think it will reassure us to see HB at least.
    Good luck honey! H x x x
  • Congratulations.... fantastic news, so pleased for you XXXXXXX
  • OH yay!!

    I haven't been on for a while so only just saw this! I'm sooooooo pleased for you! I'll be in DIM too so see you over there image

    You should be able to see a heartbeat at 7 weeks, i'm hoping to get one for about then! I'm 4+4 today so due around a similar time aswell!!!

    I know what you mean about being cautious, that's why i haven't been on for a few days, just trying not to think about anything baby!

    Good luck and congratulations!!
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