Are the rules on mayonnaise for babies same as for pregnancy

Hi All,

I know that eggs for babies should be fully cooked, but I have a question about mayonnaise. When I was preggers I was told that shop bought jar of mayo was fine because it's made with pasteurised eggs, but to be careful of restaurants etc that may make their own. Does that apply to babies as well, can I feed my LO shop bought mayo? I nearly offered her a tuna mayo sandwich at lunchtime but chickened out at the last minute as my quick glance at Google gave me both answers!

What do you ladies think?



  • I used to give both my daughters shop bought mayonaise when they were both babies and it was fine. They are 16 and 12 now though so the guidelines may have changed. I shall be giving Kieran it though when he is old enough to eat solids xx
  • I'm sure it would be fine.

    I will give it my lo when he is old enough.

    H x
  • Hey hun,

    I was told by my hv that after 6 months, there are no restrictions on food. Babies can eat pretty much anything at that age image

  • Thanks ladies, know what we're both having for lunch tomorrow then image
  • hey, yes you can give shop bought but i use creme fraiche to make tuna mayo sandwiches for emmy as it's slightly better, it's actually quite nice too and i've started having the same rather than making two batches coz i'm just lazy lol strangely i'm off to have tuna mayo on potato for tea which is what emmy will be having for lunch tomorrow too lol
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