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How are you going to tell Daddy?

So I'm on CD2 as AF came and onto month 4 of TTC!

To keep my PMA I have been looking at ideas for when (please let it be soon!:lolimage I do get my BFP of how to tell my hubby and my 11 year old!

Anyone got any sweet/creative suggestions?

Was looking at 'i love my Daddy' objects today that I could take on holiday to tell him with if I get my BFP whilst on hols!

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  • i had so many ideas but in the end it was a saturday and i ran up the stairs (the bathroom was downstairs in our old house) and excitedly threw the peed on test at him, he was half asleep but soon woke up :lol:

    i had planned to do lots of things as the months passed..
    wrap it up for xmas/birthday,
    take a pic and put it as his background on his laptop,
    hide it in his lunchbox :lol:

  • tag him in a picture of the test on facebook!!!

    no, only joking!! probably not the best way.

    with my ds i did a test without telling him on a monday morning, then ran into the bedroom screaming it was positive!! this time i hope to keep it too myself for a least a few days and then surprise him somehow...maybe by saying something like "i hope your not planning anything for next...? (whenever your due)"

    xmas/birthday present is a fantastic idea if its the right time, but i hope we all get our bfp before xmas!!

    image x
  • me too piggypops had all these ideas but think if im honest i wont be able to stop myself telling him the min i find xx
  • this time i might buy a big brother t shirt for DS and see how long he takes to notice :lol:
  • that is a brilliant idea piggypops, think ill steal that one from you image
  • Ahhh i like this thread...very good 4 pma!!!
    I think due to trying for what seems like forever, i will just be in complete not quite sure what i'l do or say, probably just cry, n give my oh the test...or text a picture of the positive result to him (ie if hes downstairs & i'm up) lol xxx
  • I've got a I love daddy babygrow to give him, and becasue i get up so much earlier than him i'm hoping i can keep it to myself enough to go back into the bedroom and him the babygrow and the test, but we'll see hopefully very soon.
  • You could buy a little pair of booties and wrap them up...think thats what I'll do, and perhaps a card saying Congrats!! Would be lovely if it was Aug as AF due on DHs birthday! image
  • I did exactly the same with dd1 piggypops, dh still laughs at that yet. I don't think I'd do it any differently this time either tbh, I just can't imagine keeping it to myself long enough :lol:
  • I have all of these grand ideas like baking a bun in the oven and asking him to check on it and seeing how long it takes him to cotton on or doing a slide show of some of our photos and putting a pic of the BFP in there soemwhere but I think when it comes to it I may just scream with delight and wake the whole street up!

    Just need my BFP now!:lol:
  • I kind of want hubby to tell me... or at least be there so we go through it together... but I love your ideas for telling him! I just don't think I could even test without telling him! x
  • I think that I would like it to be my news to tell him and to see his face. He loved it when he knew that he was going to propose and creating a big surprise for me, I think I would like to do the same for him!
  • I love the big brother t shirt idea, I'm so doing that lol. With ds I had a blood test to check for pcos and asked my dad to get my blood results for me, he works at the hospital and turned out I was pregnant so he and my mum turned up at my house with a pregnancy test and told me to do it. Hubby was thrilled although this time I hope we get to tell them rather than the other way round.
  • on my last pregnancy i done a test then put it under partners pillow dont know wat he was more shocked about the fact i was pregnant again or that i peed on summin and put it under his pillow lol

    i had 2 laugh at the facebook idea tho...class!
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