baby only likes ready made formula????

Has anyone else had this??

I wrote a post the other day saying "my baby hates his milk" & since then i have found if i offer him the ready made stuff he drinks reasonably well each time but like today where i have just made his feed fresh & for some reason he wont take it!!!!!!!

Does anyone think there is much difference between the 2 milks taste wise??? Also i cant see anywhere on the carton that its unwise to use all the time so im assuming this to be ok??

I just want to be able to get a decent amount of milk down him each day & i dont mind if it costs me more by buying the cartons.

J x


  • Heya hun, We had this to begin with when LO was first FF. I found although the ready made milk still smells pretty gross (!) its not as bad smelling as the powder form. Maybe this effects taste?! I dont think there is any reason why you cant feed ready made formula, we did for a week or so. I'm going to go and find your other post & have a read but have you spoken to HV regarding his dislike of milk? Only I was talking to a lady the other day who said her LO screamed & screamed for months when having her bottles & it turned out she had a dairy allergy & was in pain when feeding on 'dairy' formula, so when put on soya formula she was a different baby.

    Sorry I'm not much help, but didnt want to R&R.

    CG xxx
  • quite a few of my friends babys only drank the ready made stuff i think its because it is UHT its sweeter and seems a bit thicker than when you make it fresh.
    theres no problem your baby just drinking this, all i would say is it will cost you a lot more in the long run!xx
  • I'm sure as you say it's to do with taste or smell. Just wondered if you give the ready made stuff at room temp, and heat the powdered stuff. Could lo just prefer a temp difference? xx
  • ready made formula is sweeter...i can't remember the exact reason but it's something to do with the temperature it's made at to preserve it makes it sort of caramelize.

    i think it's fine to use all the time, just not fine on ur bank balance lol! x
  • Hello hun

    I had this problem with my first baby. She had silent reflux and we struggled to understand why occasionally she would take feeds ok (ish) and it always seemed to be when where out.... eventually we realised it was the ready made feeds she was taking better. We asked out hv about it and she explained that ready made cartons are UHT (ultra heat treated) which makes it a lot easier to digest and is more soft on babys tummy.. it also taste different, you can even see the difference in colour.

    As my dd was so bad with her feeds we decided to stick with ready made cartons.. i wouldn't recommend this as it use to cost over ??30 a week image !!!


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  • is it possible to mix formula and the cartons? if you can, perhaps you can wean him onto the powdered stuff by doing an ounce of powdered and the remainder carton stuff and then gradually increase the amount of powdered and reduce the carton? x
  • Thanks for all your replies,

    Well he's gone back to only taking a few oz then moaning afterwards like he's unsettled.
    Im going to try with the cartons again today & see if he's any better.

    My little boy obviously has expensive taste lol!!!!

    J x
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