cushi tush reviews anyone?

i did quite a bit of research on the bumbo and decided against them due to suggested issues with back development, then all the accidents, but have not come across anything on the cushi tush. i saw one today and noticed the seat is flat, so the baby is not in an unnatural position which is the issue with the bumbo, but has anyone tried one of these? are they any good? as id rather not spend ??30 on one if they are no good!


  • I had bimbo which LO hated and tried to backflip out of it all the time. My friend has a cushie tush and it is great, if I hadn't or my high chair I would have got this instead.....she is stephS on here she will know more x
  • lol bimbo! thanks for that. will change the post title.

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  • There's a group on fb with loads of possitive reviews on for them Calleigh
  • haha just seen I had written I gave my LO a bimbo haha
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