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Bathing trauma!

How is he if he gets in the bath with his brothers or sister? Or maybe just with your or your hubby? Or how would he be having a shower? I expect you've tried to entice him into the bath with lots of different bath toys? Depending on what his favourite character is Tate loves his Thomas Tank Engine bath squirters. Or maybe you could try reading to him, or an incentive like an extra story if he is a good boy in the bath?

Oh and welcome to PP!! Whats your name and your children?

Good luck!


  • Hi Emma
    Im Emma,i think you have covered pretty much what you can,what about a small puddle of water to start with.Riley takes a car in with him.
    What abot bath crayons,if you have tiled backs then he can draw over them while you bath him.
    I love the kids names.
  • What about using a baby bath in the big bath as maybe that would make him feel bit safer, or let him play in big bath with some fav toys with no water to start? Depends on what it is that scares him i guess x
  • Hi Emma
    Welcome to PP. Sorry but I have no advice to offer you, it sounds like you have pretty much tried everything. Will he play in the bath with his big sister, or could you get him to "help" bath one of the twins. That might build up his confidence.

    I hope you manage to get this sorted.
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