Hello everyone. Just wondered if anyone else has a Snoozeshade, and if you've had any funny looks or comments on it?? I bought one a few days ago and used it for the first time yesterday when I went into town. I'd only been in town about 5 mins when a nosey old bat came up to me asking if I had a baby under there, and that she was worried if he could breathe etc. I poined out that it was fully breathable and she was happy with that. It just really annoyed me!! P.S. a fab product - my LO fell asleep within 10 mins of putting it on - usually he never sleeps when I'm out and about, just gets grumpy resulting in us having to go home for his nap!


  • I dont use one but they are very commonly used in Australia and are considered quite normal!
  • I love mine, but a few people have said it's like a baby burka!
  • OMG baby burka!? WTF???? I've got one and think its great but it does get lots of comments. (Which annoys me as I'm grumpy) more than happy for other mums to enquire but nosy old bats drive me mad xx
  • This is one of my best buys!!! LO never slept well in buggy before but now within 10 mins fast asleep!

    I havent had anyone comment yet but i have had many disaproving looks!!!

    It suprises me that it isnt better advertised

  • So glad I'm not the only one who has experienced some disapproving looks and comments! I'm thinking of putting a sign on my pram saying "YES there's a baby in here, and YES he can breathe!". I also agree that it's a fantastic product, my life has revolved around LO's nap times but now that's a thing of the past as he can nap in his pushchair! FAB! Thanks ladies x
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