what meal to start weaning with

Just a question did you start weaning your lo with breakfast or supper? Or should I start with a mid day meal? My lo is ready to start a little bit of real food, but can't decide where in his day I should start trying, and am thinking how might it affect his sleep, and other feeds.



  • i did lunch as it wasn't in the middle of the morning madness/rush to get my other ds out to school but was early enough that if he took a reaction i had all day to look for it and see how the food 'settled' with him xx
  • oooh watching for reactions, good call. I had forgotten to think about that. You wouldn't think it's my fourth babe as I sit here pouring over online weaning guides, and browsing the online tescos looking at what is available in the organic veg department. Lol. I need to pick him up some nice soft spoons too, I think. It's incredible, but like pregnancy when you are in the middle of it all it's so clear, then years later, it's a bit of a hazy blur. I think I'll try him on tuesday mid day with a spoonful of veg. So exciting, can't wait to see what he likes, and how he takes to things.... I probably ought to delay weaning another week, and hang on to this feeling it will probably be drowned in puree stuck to the carpet, and sour faces made before he bellows I am poisoning him. lol.

    Thank you moonbean
  • Hi

    I will be interested to see what others say about this. I started with two meals a day, one was a late breakfast at about 11ish, and then "dinner" in the afternoon. The times vary as I feed him solids 45-60 mins after a milk feed and as I BF on demand those times vary (if that makes sense).

    I don't think there's any reason why you can't start with 3 meals a day. I do BLW but I don't usually eat at the same time as him, however I know that the BLW book says you can start with 3 meals a day straight away.

    Don't think you can go wrong really!

    Good luck image
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