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Hello ladies and babies

I was just wondering at what age it is ok to get bubs hair cut.
My DS was born with loads of hair and it has just kept growing. It is now at the point where it is starting to get in his eyes.

He is 23 weeks and can sit (not quite unaided) do you think he is still too little to get his hair cut.
I am not confident enough to do it myself so was thining of taking him with me next time I get my hair done just not sure if he is too little or what on earth I will ask them to do.

Hoping someone out there can advise me because I am clueless


  • My Lo sounds the same as yours, he's 1 in a couple of weeks and is on to haircut number 5 on Saturday! I first got his cut at about 22 weeks ish and I just had him sat on my knee and all she did was trim it all and tidy it round his ears and down the back of his neck. I didnt ask for anything in particular, just said he needs it cut and she took some off then asked me if i wanted more off!
    She quite happily worked round him moving on to my shoulder and then back onto my knee etc.

  • We have to cut Toby's hair every 6 weeks or so - it grows really fast. The first few times I just used nail scissors but recently have been borrowing some proper hairdressing scissors from my MIL (no idea why she has them!).

    Luckily the choppy, hair all different lengths look is kind of trendy right now, lol!!
  • My friends LO had 3 hair cuts by 6 months. They took him to the hairdressers with a bumbo and sat him on the seat in the bumbo and they chopped as much as needed.
    I wish they'd saved it so I could use as extensions for my little baldilocks who now at 7 months is just starting to get thicker and longer hair...but only just!
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