anyone had trouble with aptamil follow on milk?

I moved my 11 months old son onto aptamil follow on milk yesterday and he only has 2 bottles a day. He had his first last night and woke up at 2 am screaming on and off for an hour. He had an extra tooth this morning so put it down to that. He had another bottle this morning when he woke at half 7 and he has just done the same thing and ended up falling asleep on his dad as he was so worn out from crying. What should i do? change back to aptamil 1 or give it another night on follow on? I should point out that i changed it because he was drinking very little of the aptamil 1 so thought a change might encourage him to drink more which he did last night.

What should i do its horrible to see him crying so much and not be able to do anything.

Charlene and Alfie.


  • it might not be related to the milk at all if his teeth are coming through quickly, as hes 11 months already it might be worth going to cows milk next month if you think its the milk, we didnt notice a diference x
  • yeah, i have just spoken to the health visitor and she said that too. If i do decide to do it should i just start tonight on 8oz cows milk instead of 8oz of formula? XX
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