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I am going back to school straight after october half term. I have already told my head teacher that I wanted to do the equivalent of three and a half days, and I recently told my line manager that I wanted to do every morning plus two afternoons. I went into school yesterday to sort out my return and I was told the two afternoons I had to do would be tues and fri. Fri afternoon is fine but I cannot do tues afternoon so I said I would be flexible with either mon or wed afternoon instead. Anyway due to budget they cannot have me do a second afternoon of my choice and have someone do the tues afternoon as well. They have only budgeted for 5 mornings and 2 afternoons but by me not doing tues and doing another pm instead means they would have to pay for 3 afternoons instead. Basically 2 afternoons from me plus the third, tues, pm by another teacher. They have to have someone do tues afternoons as that's when the extra person is absolutely needed. While I respect that I will only be needed on tues and fir pms, I refuse to give-up my tues afternoon with DD as that's when we have our beloved baby class. Anyway head has said that if I can't do tues pm then i can't have any other afternoon, I just have to have fri pm. Therefore doing doing one less afternoon than I had planned, doing equivalence of three days rather than my planned three and a half days. This isn't an issue as we have worked out that I can afford it.
My question is, finally!, from a legal point of view is my head allowed to take my hours request and change it if he wants? My DH thinks it's a bit off that my head has basically said that if I want my requested 2 afternoons then I have to do tues and fri and if I don't like it, tough, I do one less pm. Basically like it or lump it! What would happen if I were to go back to my head and insist on my three and half days and I choose the days?? I understand that my head has set the budget based on what I said couple of months ago, but I could have come into school yesterday with something completely different. Then he would have been screwed!!
I'm not actually gonna go back to him and ask this but I just wondered what my rights were, I'm sticking with not doing tues pm, I have new priorities now and if it means one less afternoon pay so be it.

Sorry for the ramble, was typing as I was thinking, hope it makes sense!!


  • As far as I know, your head has to consider any reasonable request but is able to say no if it is going to cause an issue. I'm going back at Christmas and would love a half day on a friday so that we can go to our baby group but I've seen the timetable and I'm teaching Friday afternoon which is rubbish!
  • Your head has to offer you your old job back or been seen to have considered your wishes fpr work. You are really lucky to have been offered what you wanted as in 3.5 days. I want to work 3 days when I go back but have been told that i will probably have to work full time or nothing.
  • The other replies are absolutely right. You can request a change of hours but it has to fit into the bigger picture for your boss. If your request does not fit in and they can show that then it can be refused.
    I am hoping to go back 3 days a week and want to work a block of days rather than spread out. Waiting to negotiate on that!!!
  • I think when it comes to things like budget reasons or they can't move the class etc to wuit your other afternoon and need some one in on the Tues then they have the right to refuse image
  • Sorry I know it's not what you want to hear, but I think they've been as flexible as they're going to be. They've agreed your request to do five mornings and two afternoons, which is more than some people get, some are told it's all or nothing - and I'm fairly sure they can specify which days are required in order for them to provide the service they have to. I can also see why they don't want to pay you to do another afternoon when they don't need you then.
    If you're in a union it might be worth speaking to them, but it does sound like they have given reasonable consideration to your request - you even say that you can understand why they're insisting on Tuesday afternoon.
  • they dont have to give you part time. they have to consider it. i think your head has been very accomodating. i am sure mine wont be at all.
  • My friends case for doing part time was put the board of governors I think and they luckily said yes but she didn't have a say on what days.
  • Im in a primary school so things might be different with regards to working hours but if I had put in your request I would have been turned down! lol! Your head does seem very accomodating.

    They do have to consider any request for part time/flexible hours, but if they can prove it doesnt benefit/work for them, they can turn you down. I believe the rules are the same in most jobs.

  • I think your head has been as flexible as they are required to be, going from FT to PT is something they have to consider but not HAVE to give. if there is a reason why it would be detrimental to the rest of the school they can turn it down. budget constraints i would imagine is one of these things.
  • Thanks girls, you have clarified what I thought. It does seem like i have been very fortunate in what he has asked of me. I have decided to say no to the Tuesday afternoon and just have one afternoon rather than my planned two afternoons. I really don't want to work Tuesday afternoons and I'm prepared to sacrifice less money for that. Just needed to know that all was right with his decisions! I feel really happy with my choice, can hardly argue the opportunity to have another afternoon with DD!!
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