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Becatide (sp) and ventolin

after recurrent chest infections and 6 weeks on a ventolin inhaler - toby has now been prescribed becatide - it was all explained that they dont want to label him an asthmatic but babies often have issues like this post infection/virus.

I felt so relieved after finally after 12 weeks of problems hep is being given (also hope my dreams will now subside!).

has anyone any experience of becatide , i am concerned as it is a steriod and worry about side affects.

Just general advice would be appreciated also and this is me being completely paranoid - but do you think it is because i coulnt breast feed? Any thoughts x


  • It isn't because you couldn't breast feed.

    My sister was on steroidal asthma medication from babyhood and she's fine!
  • thank you - did she grow out of it - i am really hopeing this is a short term thing - they have said thy willl know by the time he is 5!!!
  • She did go on to develop asthma, but a) my Dad has it and b) it wasn't that bad, she used a preventer in the winter but very rarely had to use her Ventolin. She then went on to outgrow it in her early teens and hasn't used an inhaler for years. She's now 23 and is a soon to be published academic who works with animals and never has any problems with her breathing!
  • we have a family history - all the boys on my side of the family had child hood asthma so thee is def a strong link. we have been told to use the both the preventer and the reliever over the winter and then get reassessed. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will see a big difference.

    It doesnt really bother him that much - he s the happiest little boy - thant=ks for the info x
  • I had childhood asthma from a young age, and was prescribed both Becotide and Ventolin. I never had any issues with either. By my late teens, the asthma had gone and I am now 30 with no sign of it coming back!

    I am certain that breastfeeding or not made no difference. Incidentally I was fed breast milk (I was v prem and it was from the hospital's milk bank for the first 12 weeks).

    Don't worry and hope the bad dreams subside

    Em xx
  • I have had mild asthma since I was 9 years old. It was at it's worst in my late teens, when I had to use a nebuliser (machine with mask) several times a day but that only lasted a year or so I think. If I take my preventer (I used to be on becotide but now I'm on flixotide) when I'm supposed to I almost never need to use my ventolin but I never take it! My husband gets so frustrated with me but I'm just really forgetful and tbh it doesn't bother me to take ventolin every now and then, I just always have one in my handbag and another by my bed.

    So I wouldn't worry about it at all - it's a minor inconvenience but won't do your LO any harm and honestly I have never felt handicapped by my asthma at all. There are MUCH worse things you could have! Hopefully he will grow out of it (which I think is more likely in children who get it really young as opposed to my situation) but if not it's honestly no big deal.

    C image

    PS - I am confident that BFing has nothing to do with it image
  • can i just echo what all the lovely ladies have already said. Its nothing to do with NOT BF.
    My son who is now 17 has been on asthma meds since he was one. I think it was Becotide (brown?) I wont go into details as he is worse case scenario but, wanted you to know that he is a strapping 6ft 17yr old who tho he still has asthma has had no side effects from years on steriod inhalers, steriod tablets, etc etc...

    The benefits outweigh any side effects. Just make sure you brush his teeth after doing the inhaler as t can cause teeth erosion...

    d x
  • OK - no more panicking about BFing, it's not that. If it were, then no breastfed children would ever develop asthma, and that just isn't the case!

    Becotide will work to prevent his airways tightening, and hopefully will reduce the amount of ventolin he needs to take. It's worth offering him a drink of water after he's taken it, just to take the residue off the back of his throat, but it's not super essential. I never did and I didn't have any problems! I shouldn't think they've given him a very high dose, so side effects shouldn't be a problem, just read all the leaflets and watch for any signs.

    If he does develop asthma, it's not because you didn't bf. If it's well-managed, there's no reason his life should be affected at all. Yes, it's one more thing to think about, but ultimately he will be fine. You know where I am if you ever need asthma advice, chick!

    I was on becotide for 18 years, from age 2 to 20. I know steroid sounds scary, but it's essential to target his airways and relax them in the event of anything irritating them. It's not a lot either, they'll have given him the right dose for his age and needs, so please try not to worry.

    You know I'm here if you need anything, just holler.

    Em x x x
  • well put Emily B. I think people think of steriods that weight lifters use to pump up their bodies. It is a totally different type of steriod and I always think they should change the name.

    The becotide has a long term effect. it is not immediate. The ventolin immediately opens the airways but the becotide keeps them open as emily said.

    My 17yr old is also on Singular which is fab fab fab. It stops him sounding wheezy/sinusey and chesty. He is on Seretide 250 x 2 per day, ventolin as and when, combivent through the nebs as and when, prednisolone as and when and now singular tabs once a day. Through the summer he is on Clarityn for hayfever as this is a trigger for him.

    As Emily said it is one more thing to think about but it has not affected his education or his career. He is due to start college on Monday for a course that will ultimately take him to a career in the Police.

    d xx
  • my ds1 has asthma he was only bf for 2 weeks and had really bad eczema too, my ds2 was only bf (no ff) as he has eczema as well, alright his eczema is not as bad but it shows its just in our family so I'll not be too shocked if he goes onto develop asthma in the future although I hope he doesn't, my ds1 also takes a steroid inhaler but his begins with c (its brown)
  • Just to echo what Em said - BF has nothing to do with asthma. Me and my 3 sisters where BF and I'm the only one with asthma.
    If you're worried at all at any stage with inhalers go and see an asthma nurse,if there's one at your GPs.
    Def use Becotide over the winter as cold weather especially frosty mornings can be a trigger.
    Def gives water and brush those little toothypegs after each dose, I'd wish they'd told my mum that when I was growing up maybe then I wouldn't have to many filings!
    Hopefully at the re-assessment point Toby will be OK, but if he's not don't stress. I've had it for nearly all of my years on the planet and I'm OK (except when its extremely cold or I run, but that's mainly because I'm a lazy bugger!!)
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