Introducing formula and being sick

Hugo is 9 months and one week and has been EBF from birth. As I'm going back to work next month (boo!) I've started introducing a formula feed and I plan to replace BF with FF for all day time feeds and only BF at night.

So far he's having one bottle of FF (Aptimal follow on) at 2pm just before his afternoon nap and he's had that for the last week. I find that between 3pm when he wakes and his dinner at 5.30, he's throwing up - not like a whole feed or anything, but he can sometimes be sick 3 or 4 times in that period.

My problem is that Hugo has reflux so has always been a sicky baby anyway, but he's been a lot better lately until these afternoon vomits.

Did anyone else who introduced formula notice this? Should I be thinking about changing the formula?


  • Oh no, that's no good - poor Hugo!

    I won't be much help but can only say we didn't have any vomiting. I did switch brands due to Toby getting a bit of a rash but I'm not sure it was due to the formula anyway.

    In your situation it does seem like it is the formula given the timing, so you could maybe try another brand (I would just get a couple of small ready made cartons so you aren't buying a whole tub that you might not use). I think I would give it another week before doing that though, in case his tummy is just getting used to the new routine.

    Sorry no help!!!
  • I had the exact same situation with Lily when I first started giving her formula in the daytime at 6 months in prep for me going back to work at 9 months.

    Basically her little tummy wasn't used to the formula and needed to get used to it, which it did after a few weeks. So I wouldn't change the formula just yet myself - I would give it a little while for his tummy to learn to digest it, and then switch if no improvement after say 3 weeks.

    Not telling you what you should do - just what I would do! Am about to be in this situation again myself I suspect as just about to put Maddie onto formula in the daytime, and like Hugo she's always been quite a sicky baby anyway.
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