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WOW! Something of a breakthrough in our house in the past few days - I've discovered that if I put Maddie (6 months) down for naps/bed with her little taggy blanket against her face she goes off with barely a murmur. Can't believe I haven't tried it before - I just didn't think of it, as dd1 never had anything she was attached to (except her thumb). Definitely need to get a back-up in case it goes missing!

Does your LO have a comforter of any kind?


  • My lo (8 months) uses a muslin square as a comforter. She sucks/chews (doesn't have a dummy) on it when I put her down for a nap or to bed at night. I find these are quite easy, as they're interchangeable and she's not fussed if it's a pink one or white one! She isn't bothered if it's not around during the day when she's awake/playing. It's also a good indicator of how tired she is-if you give it to her and she starts sucking/chewing it, it's time for bed!xx
  • Me!

    Lo's 18months now but breastfeeding was his only comfort until i stopped a few months ago. I tried loads of different things to settle him. It's only 2 months ago that he's started cuddling his teddy at bedtime xx
  • My dd has never really had much attachment to anything. She likes her taggie during the day but doesn't sleep with it. She has a dummy and started practicing her shot-put skills by throwing it out her cot! So i got her a Sleepytot bunny which you can velcro a dummy onto each of his four paws! So dd can now find her dummy if she loses it during the night. I am hoping to eventually get rid of the dummies and just leave her with the bunny image x
  • My dd has her teddy as you have probably seen in the photos he is well loved :lol: She is at the age now where she loves him so much im petrified of loosing him and a replacement isnt possible as my mum has had him from years ago.

    Ds likes a muslin to chew on and have next to his face when he sleeps as he wont take his dummy at night xx
  • We have Bunglie Sheep which has lived in the crib/cot since before Peter was born! His feet have all been chewed out and his mouth has come unstitched at one side but Peter will not go to sleep without him. I wash him once a month or so and, because he has to line dry, we usually have two or three days of restless nights. Unfortunately, the sheep was discontinued shortly after we were given it so the alternative is Bunglie Pig who is the same size and shape but a slightly different texture and obviously not as good. When Bunglie Sheep is being washed, Bunglie Pig tends to get ejected from the cot in fury! :lol:
  • Go Maddie!

    As you know, I'm trying to ditch the dummy before M gets too attached, so have been 'encouraging' her to love a little silky blanket in the hope I can swap one for the other at bedtime. The dummy's definitely served a purpose, but I'd rather she went to nursery without needing at naptimes.

    I wasn't getting anywhere until this week - she's started putting the little blanket it over her face(!) whilst gripping it it with both hands. She's even started taking the dummy out after a few noms and launching it across the cot! So, I think we're making progress :\)

    If this continues, I'm going to buy another one or two blankies and rotate them (so she can't tell the difference in feel etc), just to avoid a meltdown if one gets lost at nursery or needs to go in the wash.

    Do you know where Maddie's taggy came from? Might be worth investing in a spare...?!

  • Just re-read and saw your back-up comment! Duh x
  • DD has a sainsburys my first bunny for when she's very cranky but we rotate several toys so that she doesn't get too attached to one, i don't want a repeat of me when i was little (i still have my toy dog even though he is trashed so badly! lol) and lost said toy and made my mother trapse round the streets til i found him again (luckily a nice lady had seem me drop him and had kept him for me as she knew my mum image )
  • DD has a Bunny comforter and I have bought a spare. However, we ditched the dummy last week and now she'll only settle with a Mothercare monkey. I went to get a new one but its been discontinued and is 20 quid on ebay. grr... x
  • SS - sadly it came from NZ! It's not a proper Taggie, just something like them. Think something similar will probably do. Hope to get her another one for Christmas (assuming the other one hasn't gone awol already by then....)
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