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just a quick Catch up

Hi ladies, bumps n babies
I hope everyone is well??? Sorry I haven't posted or commented lately things have been mega busy!!! Congrats to the new comers I have been Reading posts to try n keep up with everyone..... Things are ok with us Zach will be 10wks on Thursday can't believe it he has grown loads the time is just flying by he is still having plaster casts for his foot which is taking it's toll & he has to have an operation on it the 7th oct which I am dreading sooooh not looking forward to it but it has to be done image he had his first injections and was super brave, he is still sleeping well down to one bottle during the night now n he's usually in bed by around 8 o clock so no complaints & we're getting loads of big smiles, chuckles n stories out of him..... I am now back on my drips of infliximab for my psoriasis & arthritis have had 2so far had a funny turn with the last one couldn't breath & thought I was gonna collapse which was mega scary as I went on my own & had Zach with me, both OH & myself r smothering with colds so having a nightmare trying to make sure Zach doesn't catch it!!!!
Well I best try n get some sleep while he's away in the land of nod
sorry if it's a bit of a ramble
take care all
love Sianni & Baby Zach 9+6wks old


  • Hi Sianni, so good to hear from you! I love the fact that little Zach is keeping you entertained with his smiles and chuckles!! =) So cute! I'm also sorry to hear of his upcoming Op - that must be really hard but I'm sure you will all get through it with ease. I'm not sure if you know me but I too was in LTTC for a while but I also "graduated" and am expecting my bubba Xmas day!! I was really interested to see how you got on as I read your BA and knew you had an interesting c-section (after they took your uterus out and your husband saw!) =) Well I was wondering how well you got on after your c-section as I too have arthritis and also Crohn's disease. (I was on Infliximab but it didn't agree with me so had to be on methotrexate injections) I am now being told I'll probably have to have c-sec as my body wont cope with labour although I should find out for definate at my next consultant apt with the obsteatrician. I'm just worried about how well I will recover after as I was awful after my bowel surgery and so am kind of dreading it but the vaginal delievery isn't much of an option for me either. Did you cope ok with lifting Zach and doing all the mummy things I'm looking forward to (you know just doing everything for him like a normal mummy!)
    You should post some updated pics of him - I'd love to see him now!! x x
  • Sianni so lovely to hear from you hun.

    Wow I cant beleive Zach is nearly 10 wks!!

    Bless him having the casts & the op in Oct will be thinking of you'll please let us know when you can how it went.

    How lovely is that sleeping through on just 1 bottle & giving you lots of smiles & stories, I love it when they start gurgling like there telling you something, so cute.

    Lots of love & give him a big cuddle from me.

  • Hi ladies
    thanks for the replies Laujai I hope you are well?? How far along are you Now??? Ooooh bet your getting mega excited!!!! I know I love all the new expressions & noises soooh sweet, he's grown into a right little chunk now proper pudgey lol he was over 13lb at last weigh in.... I will def update how op goes, zach says thank you for the cuddle lol!!!
    Sonnyrain I do remember you from ltttc congratulations on graduation to pai, after the section I couldn't do much for a couple of hours after op except give zach cuddles & bottle when he was passed to me, but by 8.30pm when OH had to go home even though I was still bed bound with catheter I could lift him in & out of his cot n change him etc even though I was being sick the whole time too & by 7.30am the next morning catheter was removed and I was up & about there wasn't much pain at all of course everyone is different but I found it ok obviously had to be careful etc.... The sooner you can get moving the less pain I think!!! However my probs started 48hrs later when I got home I swelled up from my waist to my toes with fluid which caused an infection in my psoriasis on my legs so was on antibiotics & water tablets with compression stockings for my legs too and I was swollen for a good 2-3 wks by Which time I also
    developed an infection in my scar so more antibiotics image even then I managed to do everything I needed to for zach lifting him was no problem..... Try not to worry too much honestly it's no where near as bad as I expected & I'm so glad csection was the only option in a way as when she opened me up she saw how deformed my pelvis was (hen e my womb being taken out to repair as she couldn't get in due to pelvis) due to the arthritis so I wouldn't have been able to deliver anyway so
    safer all round!!!! You will obviously need some help I was lucky OH had 4 wks off work which I was soooh glad about afterwards!!! Just be prepared that you will not be upto doing everything ie dishes, cooking, cleaning etc for a couple of weeks.. Overall not a bad experience, the epidural sensation is weird as you feel no pain but can still feel that things are being pulled around it can only be described as feeling like a suitcase being packed and your the suitcase lmao I'd definatley have section again was over so quickly it was amazing...I will def post a picture later when I get 5mins to get my laptop out. If you want to know anything else about section just ask!!
    Well best try n get some sleep while zach is out cold lol
    big hugs love sianni & zach xxxxx
  • Sianni

    Im almost 32 wks!!! Oh my word it looks quite scary when you write it down LOL!! I keep thinking that have plenty of time but really we are on countdown yikes!!!

    Ahh def have to post a picture when you get q chance hun.

  • wow Laujai 32weeks where does the time good Zach has an operation on 14th oct on his foot they are going to cut the tendon at the back of his heel so it will knit back together but be longer, then he's in plaster for another 3weeks before going into his boots and bar for 3mths 23hrs a day which should be fun NOT!!!!! anyway will try and post when i have free arms LOL here is a link to a more recent photo of my little chunk hee hee hope everyone is well xxxxxx
  • Hi ladies
    just a quick update hope ev1 is well???? Zach had his op on Thursday had to starve him of milk from 2am and no water from 4.30am so was dreading it but I woke him at 1.30am to give him his last bottle of milk & he slept until 6.30 he stirred for until 6.45 so it was all hands on deck to keep his dummy in his mouth I changed him at 6.55 put him straight in his car seat n we left for the hospital!!! Arrived at 7.30am and we were shown around the ward at 8.25 we carried him down to theatre horrible then had to wait due to a delay & they took him in at 9.30ish they decided to do the procedure under local anestetic but we couldn't stay with him it was the worst three quarters of an hr ever... We went back to the ward to wait until he was ready, Richard went down to get him and two nurses wanted to keep him for another half an hr as he was so smiley they had fed him his first bottle for 8hrs while they did the procedure & he was brought back to me fast asleep he was amazing surgeon came to see us and said he hadn't cried at all & was a pleasure to operate on as he's not keen on operating on babies due to the added stress we were allowed home at lunch time... He slept all day and all night only waking for food lol, he has been a little upset the last few days think it is niggling him so he's having his calpol twice a day so only 2&1/2 weeks of plaster casts to go before the boots n bar fun begins for a three mth run if all goes to plan. Well that turned into a bloody essay sorry lol
    take care
    sianni & Zach 13wks & 2days xxxxxx
  • Hi Sianni
    That's one brave little soldier you've got there!!! You'll be able to make Zach blush at his 18th when you tell all his friends how strong he was and how the medical staff thought he was a perfect patient. Glad it all went well.
  • Thanks Mrs D he Is a little trooper!!!! Hope you are well? Xxx
  • Hi Sianni, thanks ever so much for your reply about your c-section and recovery - it has helped me loads! I feel a bit more at ease hearing it all from you as I do take longer than most to recover/get over things so you have reassured me that I'll be ok! =)
    As for the important stuff - Zach sounds like an abosolute gem! What a little cutie smiling through all his ordeal, bless him. He really is fantastic. So pleased it all went well and I'm sure the next stage will too especially as he sounds like such a happy and content little baby.
    x x
  • hey sianni, just seen this thread not sure how i missed it!! you and zach have really been through it havent you....glad to hear you're both on the mend now. so fab seeing them 'grow up' isnt it!!

    sonny, i had em c section - felt horrendous initially and wondered if i'd ever recover so was amazed at how quickly it healed....but they do say no driving / heavy lifting for first 6 wks and i couldnt have done stuff much sooner, but after that it healed really well.

  • Thanks TBD - the only thing I have to compare it to is my bowel surgery and as you can imagine that was pretty bad so I'm hoping this will be alot easier/nicer experience to that!! I'm sure it will though as I should have a little bubba to focus on after! =) Hope you are doing well and have completly settled in to your role of being Mummy!! x x
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