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feeding with spoon/folk

sorry this question again! my son is 23 months and still wont do this. i dont now what im doing wrong! he wont let me hold it in his hand to guiode him and just bashes and plays with it likes he hasnt a clue! im sure at this age he should of cracked it. should i be concerened?


  • he ownt do it at all. has had 1 or 2 attempts in mouth with spoon when i loaded it but they have been random and thats it. i feel like a failure to be honest.
  • he will eat with fingers but hates messy/wet food. but will eat them if spoon fed. he looks at spoon/folk likes its toys, bashes it around and plays with it. occasionaly he has grabbed my hand if im to slow and pulled towards mouth but thats it really. i just gave him his tea and i gave him a spoon and folk , and spoon fed him with enough. each time he picked up spoon i tried to guide towards mouth and he just dropped it, didnt like it
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