Salt dough ornaments

has anyone made these? I have done the salt dough which will keep but i need varnish apparently. Sounds a silly question but what varnish do i get?


  • google is my friend image i found some!
  • which recipe did you use junie, i must get these done before xmas!

    i have made the dough but we havnt shaped them yet - thats our afternoon activity. So no reveiws yet lol. xx

    do you think they'll be ok if i dont varnish them till tomorrow?
  • thank you image yeah reckon they will be fine? they should harden and then you can varnish them xx
  • Hey JunieMummy,

    How did yours work out?

    Mine are in the oven as we 'speak'! I've done disks with LOs handprint in them to paint for xmas tree decorations as gifts for my parents and grandparents. So excited to see what they turn out like!

    I think I made them fairly thick though and so am scared to take them out of the oven too early.

    What varnish did you find in the end? I've read that something like a clear wood varnish is good? I have no I get it from B&Q or somewhere then rather than a crafty shop??

  • how did they turn out hun? Our fairys and santas look a bit odd, lol, but the bells, stars and the Christmas trees look ok. Thats a really good idea with the handprint thing - i might pinch it!! image They have painted & glittered then to the max and had LOADS of fun. im off to find some varnish today. I think anything that is a 'clear' varnish is ok. xxx
  • How long did you put them in the oven for? Mine were quite thick (half an inch) and after about 5 hours in the oven at 150 degrees C, they still aren't cooked?!
  • Pinch away hun, I stole the idea from someone on here anywayimage

    They came out pretty well, a couple of them have cracked a bit on the back which is annoying as I wanted to write LOs age etc on the back. But the others are ok so I might just remake a couple for us and give the rest away as gifts. Another idea also stolen is if you google handprint poems, there are loads of cute ones you can write up and attach to add to the 'awww factor'!

    Minnie mine were probably about half inch thick too and they took 3hr 45mins ish? There was definitely a point where they became much harder so I knew they were nearly there. Did yours eventually cook?

  • mine were in on 220 degrees for about 4hrs

    fab idea mummy A. I got some cheapy wilkos varnish in the end. How did yours turn out M&M?
  • Just to say i did some of these a few weeks ago and have painted them with paint from wilkos and they have stay hard and also think your supposed to cook them on low heat such as about 140

    THart what i cooked mine on and they had about 2 hours..

    I then added a lovely poem and put them in a lovely gift box
  • ooops!! meant 120c, its like, gas mark 1/2 or something pathetically low. lol.
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