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Solids - can you overfeed? (Also in BIJ)

HI all

My DD is 27 weeks old and has been eating solids for about 3 weeks now. She started on one meal a day but has now moved to two meals. She really loves it and can't seem to get enough - while I'm pleased that she has taken to it so well i'm worried that she seems to be eating loads. I always read that you can't overfeed a baby on milk but is that still true when it comes to solids?

For breakfast she has a good tablespoon of baby porridge with about 2 ice cubes of fruit mixed in then some toast as finger food. For tea she has about 6 icecubes of different veg mixed up then fruit or yogurt for pud. She also normally has some finger food - homemade wedges, carrot sticks etc while we eat our tea. I think she would actually eat more if offered but I feel this is a good portion so leave it at that. She also still has 4 feeds a day (breast-fed) and sometimes an extra one in the night if she wakes.

She is quite small - only weighed 12 lb 12 oz at last weigh in at 24 weeks so I can't imagine where she is putting it all. She also seems to be getting a bit constipated and I am worried that this is because she is eating too much for her body to cope with.

Any thoughts/experiences appreciated!

CJ x


  • Babies seem to know when they're full. I've had mealtimes with my dd where she has carried on going and going until I thought she would go bang like something from Monty Python, but has stopped when she's had enough.

    You could always try going up to three meals to see if that makes a difference. Make sure she drinks plenty too to help with the constipation.

    But it sounds like she's taken to weaning really well, which is great.
  • I think a child will not eat for the sake of it until about 2 or 3 years old. So no you can't over feed. They stop when they're full. xx
  • you can over feed a baby on food and on milk. but if shes hungry and not on 3 meals then i dont think thats the case here. and lots of water through the day.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies. Last night at dinner she ate all her veg and mash but only half her pudding so at least now I know she will stop when full!

    I am still a bit worried about the constipation side as she seems to do a lot of grunting and straining when she poos. I know water is a big help but at the moment she won't really take more than a sip then pushes the cup away and clamps her mouth shut. Any tips on how you get your babies to drink water?

    Also once they are on 3 meals a day how do you still fit in the milk feeds?

    CJ x
  • I dilute my wee one's usual milk with some water in her sippy cup so that there's a wee bit taste to it. We've been weaning a month or so and sometimes DD will eat an awful lot of something she really really likes, like Yeo Valley natural yoghurt which she LOVES, and she just sicks up some of it afterwards if she's eaten too much (lovely I know!).
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