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recipes for beef

Just wondered if anyone had any idea? I have lots of beef stew and spag bol already in the frezzer and have some diced beef that I'd like to make something with for LO.

I have tried goggling it but really all that comes up is stew!


  • spag bol and stew are good and meatballs...

    we have also did lasangae and cottage pie but thats about it lol - going to try a beef stir fry at the weekend (just keep all the veg chunky for dd as she now wont eat with a spoon lol) be interested to see what else people come up with.

    Maybe a beef curry (not a spicy one?)

  • What about cottage pie by mincing the beef up?

  • I was going to suggest stew/casserole too! Annabel Karmel has a recipe for braised beef with sweet potato - I've never made it but did take the idea from it and used to give ds blitzed beef from our roast with sweet potato. Or you could give a variation on a roast dinner, give the beef cooked on its own, blitzed then mixed with potato and carrot? Or cook it in a tomato based sauce? Or something like a meat and potato pie, but topped with mash rather than pastry?

    Cottage pie or bolognese are other ways to give beef - but my ds needed the mince blending a bit til he was about 9 months.

    Dd had some of the beef out of our stir fry with some mashed veg yesterday (think it was cauli, broc, courgette and tomato)
  • I make this for the whole family. I don't add the salt to the flour mix and I use a salt free baby veggie stock cube in place of beef stock, I also take out DS' portion before I add the nuts. You can mix a bit of yoghurt or creme fraiche in the baby portion if you like but this isn't a hot curry, just fragrant and fruity.

    Beef curry serves 4

    2 tbsp flour

    1 tbsp curry powder

    1 tsp cumin

    1 tsp turmeric

    1 tsp ground ginger

    1 tsp salt

    1 tbsp oil

    1 onion chopped

    1 clove garlic crushed

    1.5 lbs stewing or braising beef cubed

    1 sliced red pepper

    397g can tomatoes including juice

    1/4 pint beef stock

    2 tbsp chutney (any)

    1 tbsp lemon juice

    1oz sultanas

    2 cooking apples, cored and roughly chopped

    1oz cashew nuts (if you like them, not essential at all)

    Mix flour, curry powder, cumin, turmeric, ginger and salt.

    In a large fry pan gently fry onion and garlic until soft, not browned.

    Toss meat in spiced flour and brown on all sides in the pan. Stir in any remaining flour.

    Add all remaining ingredients except nuts and transfer to slow cooker and cook for 6-10 hours.

    Stir in nuts prior to serving if desired.
  • The AK recipe for 6-9 month old babies which has beef, sweet potato, mushrooms, orange juice etc is really good. I used to give it to lo until he was about 2 (at that point, he refused to eat it again or some reason - probably had enough of it!) and would mash instead of pureeing it. I used to do some broccoli on the side and then feel so good that lo was having so many good things in his meal. It is really easy to make too. x
  • thanks for that recipe maenad i think i will give it a go...

    sorry to hijack your thread glimmer but can i ask a silly question - what else can i use creme fraiche in as i hear people mentioning it all the time (can you tell i dont cook alot lol) i picked some up in my shop the other night and now im a bit stuck as to what i can use it in.

  • G/c but I'm soooo pinching that recipe too Maenad~looks delish and I bought some beef yesterday!!

    Lauz I make a pasta dish with creme fraiche that both my munchkins (and me & OH)love:

    1 leek, sliced

    pack chestnut mushrooms, sliced

    half - 3/4 pack, of bacon, cubed

    tub of creme fraiche (I use half fat but it's personal preference)


    Whilst pasta is cooking, dry fry the bacon in a big pan. Once it's cooked, add a splash of olive oil and then the leeks and mushrooms plus a grinding of black pepper. Cook for 5 mins or so til the veg are tender but still have bite then add the creme fraiche and heat through. Drain the pasta and mix in with the sauce. Done!!

    It's so quick and yummy.

  • I made Maenad's curry recipe and it is fab (stole it from a previous thread!). In fact so good that I am going to make a load more and freeze it.

    Thanks for that xxx
  • I use it on fruit as a pudding, dd loves it, and ds likes strawberries dipped in it, though that does get p-roperly messy!

    we also use it instead of soured cream on fajitas and to top chilli con carne.
  • You can use it in mash potatoe or other mashed veg! I love the sound of the pasta recipe and the curry. I ended up jsut making a bolg type dish, beef, tom, mixed herbs and mush. Will try the curry one though soon!!

    Thanks x
  • Creme fraiche is nice in mashed potato instead of milk.

    I also use it in a fish pie recipe I got from Bedhead on here - mix some chopped fish (I use salmon and cod) with creme fraiche, top with mashed potato and bake in oven for about 30 minutes (until potato browns). I usually add a bit of lemon juice and some mixed herbs too. It's really easy and suitable for babies too - the fish goes nice and soft so just takes a bit of mushing with a fork.

    I serve with peas or sweetcorn. It goes down really well in our house.
  • oh thanks girls...

    the pasta sounds nice and i will try the fish pie - we dont really eat fish but i want dd to eat 'evrything' so i think that'll be dinner tomorrow lol as i have just cut cod into portions and now stink lol - dont have any salmon but could just do cod on its own or add some tuna? dd can have that and me and hubby could have the pasta - use the creme fraiche up lol. it was one of those things i 'thought' i should buy even though i never have before and then i was like 'hmm what do i do now' lol i wasnt sure if it was meant to be used sweet like double cream or savoury like soure cream or both which is how it seems?

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