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Advice needed

Can I ask you lovely ladies for some advice?

I have a 22 month old son, I am 19 week pregnant with my 3rd baby. My son loves milk I mean he still has 5 bottles a day of cows milk but does not drink any water and drinks a small amount of squash. He isnt the best eater either.

The only thing is he still has his milk in bottles I have tried to put his milk into a cup and he is not interested he just throws it away and refuses to drink anything?

Has anyone else had this problem? How did you overcome it any advice would be appreciated image


  • my son was exactly the same as this! it was so hard for me to stop the bottles because i felt tht it was his comfort more than anything! we didnt stop bottles all at once, we cut it down to maybe one in the morning then one before bed; giving him juice or water during the day in a cup. if he didnt want it, he didnt get anything! sounds harsh but our los are so very clever and know that if they perform well enough they will get their own way! anyway, after a few days he did start drinking out his cup. when he did that, we cut out the morning bottle and gave him water or juice instead. and finally cut out the bedtime bottle. he is 3 now but at lunch time we offer him a choice of juice or chocolate milk in a cup. obviously he is used to it now! but its still a treat for him as he really loved his bottles of milk! wat about trying little cartons of milk rather than a bottle, just tell him its wat "big boys" drink! or even cartons of juice or smoothie?! hope this helps. good luck, i know i found it tough!!
  • Hi, my son is 15 months and I have recently been through the exact same thing. He is still on 2 bottles a day (1st thing in the morning, and before bed) but it was a struggle getting him to drink from a beaker. Basically, I started to pretend I was drinking out of one, and he instinctively wanted to copy me. I had a bit of trouble getting him to tip the beaker up, but he has picked that up pretty quickly.

    I would suggest cutting down the amount of bottles he has. Perhaps start by giving him 1 in the morning, 1 mid afternoon and 1 before bed. You may find that he is hungrier between bottles therefore will eat better? Maybe thats why he isnt a good eater as he is full up with milk? I would also suggest giving him a cup of warm milk to dip a rusk into. My little one loves this sometimes, and its a great way of differentiating the 'bottle' and a drink...

    Good luck! x
  • have you tried taking him to the shop to choose his 'special cup' ?

    my little girl was still drinking milk from a bottle every night at 27 months!!!! she still has milk now with stories before bed but in her 'special cup' and tbh doesnt drink as much of it as she did before. I was wondering if it was the bottle she liked rather than just the milk?

    just a thought!

    oh and she would never drink milk from her water beaker, just handed it back every time!
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