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Transverse, oblique, breech. experiences pls!


im currently 36+2 with baby number 2. my son was born naturally 18 months ago. but this baby keeps getting into strange positions. he was transverse for a couple of weeks from about 31 weeks, then he has been oblique with his head down but at an angle and is now oblique with his head near my belly button we think. mw isnt sure about these positions but they are what she thinks. im seeing her once a week to monitor my iron levels and to check his position but each week he seems to be in a different place, but not necessarily head down. is this normal? im seeing my consultant next week when i will be 37 weeks to check babys position again but not sure whats going to happen. she said i will need a section if he is transverse ( like he was when i saw her at 32 weeks) but didnt mention anything about if he is in another position. has anyone experienced this? and if so what was the outcome? i know he still has time to get head down and engaged but i dont feel that he has been head down at all. i dont feel movments at the top of my bump, mainly at the sides and low down. baby is still very active! thanks

ashy x


  • Completely g/c but didn't want to r&r.

    I don't have any experience personally as both mine have stayed head down from about 20w! But i have heard That 2nd babies often float around changing positions until active labour!

    Hope baby behaves.

  • your post could of been me a few weeks ago. i am on baby no 3 and baby has been transverse since 20wks. at 34wks was head down but high and free. i told the mw that bubba turned around from day to day,i'd never known a baby move so much. between 34 and 36wks went transverse and breech again. at 36 wk appointment it was transverse. mw said this is an unstable lie baby and said if my waters broke i had to go straight to hospital incase of cord prolapse. she sent me to see a consultant but i knew the baby had turned head down before this appointment. i had a quick scan which confirmed this. been to mw today and said baby has stopped flippin round but she said it is still high up. i was told if baby stayed unstable they wouldnt bother tryin an ecv cos bubba could just move again, instead would break my waters at 39wks and push baby head down simultaneously. my mw doubted i would need a c sec and the doc even said if baby was breech i could deliver that way. probably cos this is my third. hopefully my baby will stay put, i just need it to drop down a bit now! i can only tell you of my experience and hope it helps. there is hope that baby will turn head down cos mine has. i have also had a breech baby who didnt turn head down til the day of my ecv at 38wks so they can leave it late!
  • our baby (first baby) was unstable lie and ended up oblique. I had a c-section due to risk of prolapse. i was given choice of waiting till i was in labour then coming in early to check position and have emergency section if still oblique but as she had been oblique for last 1-2 weeks i opted for elective section as i wanted to know what was going to happen and to avoid an emergency section.
  • thanks

    xximpatientxx was your baby oblique head down or olbique breech? so did you have the section around 38weeks? how did you find the whole experience?

    ashy xx
  • oblique head down. I had a planned section at 39+2 and it was absolutely fine. Really calm and exciting really. Went in in the morning, walked down to theatre, spinal done - which was the worst part as my blood pressure dropped and i felt awful for maybe 30 secs until they sorted it. Hubby then came in and everyone was chatting away and all the staff were really excited with us so it was a really lovely atmosphere. Recovery from section was fine, first 48 hours a bit sore but then my sis who had a vaginal delivery couldn't sit down for 10 days whereas I was up and about on day 2. If you do have to have a section, it isn't as bad as it seems - I will def opt for one next time. x
  • xximpatientxx- thanks, you have really reasurred me!!i have a scan today to see if he is head down or not, then seeing consultant tomorrow to discuss options if he isnt in the right position!id rather have a planned section than an emergancy, but good to hear MM_OMG you had a good experience.

    ashy xx
  • My baby is oblique I'm 38+3 days , midwife don't seem concerned and next appointment isn't till 2 weeks so I'm worried if I went in to labour
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